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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I got my first write up over a mystery shop that happened yesterday that said i was 'robotic/no enthusiasm/zero customer service"

    While I was fine with my manager lecturing me in his stern dad way (he can lay it on thick, and i really can't tell if he realizes he's being condescending when he's trying to relate to us or whatever) but i had to remind him that A) he's not my dad and B) i've been begging to not have to work the front of house for months (i am cross trained now and want more time in the back), add to that i've been working with no days off for the last 13 days (tomorrow is my last day before i have 2 days off THANK F*CK), AND i'm sick with the sorest throat imaginable and losing my voice.

    And they expect customer service yeah ok.
    I can't call in either because my boss is a chronic guilt tripper and I would rather not deal with it, nevermind me needing the cash.

    Sorry for the entitled first world problem rant, it's just been a hellish near 2 weeks.
  2. I had an interview today that I feel went super well. I'd go as far as to say it's the best interview I've ever done. I'm gonna be genuinely gutted if I don't get this.
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  3. Did you play 'Lucky day' before it?
  4. No, I played Beautiful Cause You Love Me.
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  5. The last 6 weeks in my workplace (supermarket) I think have been the worst 6 weeks I've had, in nearly 9 years. And I'm including every Christmas in that. The following is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the last 6 weeks...

    1.My two other Section Leaders were on holiday at the same time, one for 2 weeks, one nearly 3 (we have rolling rotas so it can work out longer if you book it off right. Plus they both are married and have kids, so Summer Holidays are pretty much a no go if I want time off, but that's another story...)
    Then, my manager had 2 weeks off, and then one of the section leaders had another week off. Today was the first day in about 6 weeks where we have actually been at work together.
    (I'm not saying they can't have holidays, but when you've had a fair chunk of it by yourself, and you're putting in regular 12 hours shifts to cover, as well as going nearly 3 weeks without a proper day off, then it takes it toll)

    2. Our rotas have been a logistical nightmare. At one point, I had 10 colleagues off sick for longer than a week, 3 long term, 3 colleagues leave, as well as the tail end of a store refit to contend with by myself. And they aren't looking any better. Another 2 colleagues might be leaving. We are supposed to be having temps come in, that were for 'the Summer', but they aren't doing the induction until next Thursday, so it's a waste of time (The two we do have that started on Friday are already working at other stores to help out. Their father is one of the managers so that doesn't help matters)

    3. Colleagues. This is very broad but couldn't think of anything else to say it. I'm a very laid back person and willing to help everyone out and answer their questions. I don't think that I show that I stressed. To be fair, that is to my detriment, as then people tend to walk over you. We've had colleagues not turn up for shifts because their filling in their tooth has fallen out, a colleague basically go on a full rant because she was asked to wear a yellow jacket, a colleague not turn up on his Friday shift because I allegedly told him not to come in on Friday evenings, which wasn't the case. And colleagues think that they can talk to you in all manner of ways, and just get away with it, or not listen to clear instructions. It's just got to the point that even the people I work with are annoying me.

    I've got a week off at the end of the month and hopefully that will get me out of this rut that I feel like I'm in. It honestly feels like it is Groundhog Day every time you walk in. You almost feel the happiness get drained out of you within about 12 minutes.
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  6. I did retail for about 5 years in high school and during undergrad - when you feel like this it is time to move on, if you can. For sure.
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  7. Mwah mwah mwah mwah
  8. Well, I didn’t get it.
  9. Use the confidence you felt to get something else. You can do it!
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  10. Nope, I’m just a waste of space who is never bound to ever get employment ever again.
  11. I've felt that way at times and it's tough especially if you felt positive but don't take it to heart.
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  12. I can totally relate as I’ve honestly felt like this at so many points in my career.

    Sorry you didn’t get the job, and it might take some time to get yourself back in the right place mentally, but you just have to keep on and that right role will happen.
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  13. Sam



    For real though, I’m sorry to hear that and I hope you’re okay. Onwards and upwards boo x
  14. Once I’ve had time to “grieve” as such, I’ll be fine. I was just so happy with how I did yesterday that I just thought I’d nailed it. Apparently I was very close but just missed the mark.
  15. I'm at the point where rejection emails are starting to impact my mental health nn help xx
  16. I found out a 17 year old girl who just started was getting paid more than me in work, I've nothing against said girl but I am ten years older so confronted my manager last Friday she seemed genuinely shocked that I was still on the lower rate and promised to bring it up. I since found out everyone is being paid more than me including 3 people who started after me with less experience. So I got paid yesterday and I was still at the lower rate, I politely said it to the manager and she said "We are not in a position to give it to you, One woman is only on 20 cents more what's the big deal?" I was like you promised, I only took the job under the understanding I would be getting a raise in 3 months and again after 6 months, I'm there 7 months and still on the same which is minimum wage,I felt deflated and started to cry when she shouted that they weren't giving me any more, It made me feel like shit it might seem like nothing but 20 cents is 20 cents and I am there longer, I just got my coat and walked out, I've never quit a job before but if I'm not being valued as much as the rest for whatever reason (which I suspect to be sinister) then they can fuck themselves. I might not have much but I do have a scrap of self respect.
  17. Jobs often promise x after y months. Don’t fall for it, get it on paper. Its often a big lie sadly.
  18. Good for you. Respect.
  19. My 6 month copywriting gig came to an end today. It was only ever for 6 months and it’s my second time working for them. So now I’m back to being a full-time freelancer which is fun for a few weeks but when the weather begins to change and the night’s draw and my SAD kicks in it won’t be as much fun.

  20. Good for you, fuck ‘em!
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