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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Uno


    I have an interview on Tuesday for a company that I've applied to 4 times in the last two years. I'm very excited and nervous. I'd be working directly in the LGBTQ+ community which I've always wanted to do.

    This is the first time I've ever felt passionate about a job and it would be the highest paying job I've ever had, so I am kind of freaking out and wish Tuesday would get here already.
  2. I have a Skype interview in half an hour (decided one hour ago) and... yeah it's probably gonna be a disaster.
  3. Wear a nice hat!
    Good luck.
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  4. They switched off their own camera, it was awkward as fuck. Telling them that my own Italian university didn't offer either the time or the option to do pre-graduation internships left them confused. Yes we're Italians we don't follow the European rules even if we should let me live.
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  5. I love Skype interviews. Business on top, pyjamas on bottom.
  6. Uno


    My interview went so well - best I’ve ever done, I’d say. If I don’t get this job I will be shocked and crushed.

    Pray for me, y’all.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Good luck!!
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  8. I love
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  9. This happened to me recently too dddd. We had agreed to a video conference via Google Hangouts since I was out of town, but when the interviewer joined the meeting his camera was off and so it was just me broadcasting my face while his screen was black. Felt very
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  10. How are you feeling now?

    Dealing with rejection from employers can be a real problem for people with underlying mental health issues. I failed to get a promotion I went for earlier this year and it sent me into a spiral of questioning whether life was worth living for a good week or so. I look back now and I'm like


    And I managed to get a more desirable job in a better company within a month...
  11. I’m still annoyed as we’re too busy at the minute for me to get feedback so I’ve gotta wait till next week at earliest. Once I’ve had that, I can let it go.
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  12. Sam


    This is the T. I got rejected last week and legit spent a good few days almost wondering which bridge I should jump off.
  13. I applied for a job at my dream company and had 2 rounds of great interviews with them, but then ultimately they decided upon the only 1 other candidate that also made it that far. Fucking sucks.

    At least the current project is interesting to learn from and probably gets me an overseas visit.
  14. Uno


    2 years and 4 failed attempts later, I finally got the job! I knew I would get it if I could at least finally get an interview.

    Persistence paid off! I’m elated.
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  15. I had a phone interview earlier, and it felt like I lost the few social skills I claim to have during it.
    However, they just offered me an in person interview next week.

    The problem is that I'll have a technical exam during the interview in a programming framework I don't currently know. My plan is to study between now and then, but I'm also moving to France this weekend, and I don't finish my current job until Friday.

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  16. I quite like my job, I just get nothing from it on a personal level. The people are just kinda checked out or really negative (the requisite "no one works harder than me!" guy sits in close proximity), and all the lively folks are shoved together elsewhere, leaving the technical side really lacking in personalities, where nobody really communicates at all. Three years and I only talk to maybe 4 people out of an office of 150.

    I also struggle to find enough to do to fill my time - which I've mentioned, but apparently it isn't a concern.

    My last job was the opposite, great people but shit work, pay, and opportunities. Oyyy.
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  17. Following an 'at risk' meeting at the start of this week, I am almost definitely being made redundant on Monday. It hurts after four years of service, at what is also my first-ever proper job, but the process has been so drawn out that I'm a biT numb to it all now.

    Can someone recommend a snazzy online CV creator (ideally copywriting-orientated) for the non-design-inclined?
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  18. Awh, that sucks. Good luck in future.
    Have a look here, I used it:
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  19. So I'm planning on giving notice at my job tomorrow and I'm super nervous since I've only given proper notice once before. Also I don't have the clear-cut reason of "found another job", but more "I'm super unhappy at the job and would rather struggle as a freelancer"* reason. I'll be happy when it's over.

    *I'm a graphic designer
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  20. Don't ever feel guilty/nervous, I've had loads of staff hand notice in and be all "i'm so sorry..." and I would always be very supportive. Everyone deserves to be happy/fulfilled in a job. Especially if you are there for 40 odd hours a week. Good luck and most employers are fine as long as you work the notice to give them a chance to replace and train.
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