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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I've worked at my new place for three weeks now, and I don't know how I feel about it yet. It's probably the least organised school I've ever worked at. I'm also a bit freaked out by the fact that most colleagues haven't worked here for more than two/three months either, which makes me wonder what happened to all the previous teachers. Anxiety-wise I'm doing fine (this was a massive issue last time), but something about the school stops me from fully connecting.
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  2. My awful boss is finally under a leadership review. I’m so happy.
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  3. You could look up some previous teachers on Linkedin or anything to get some insights. I hope you are doing well!
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  4. I have an opportunity to work... at my previous workplace, dddd. They had some major changes, as the CEO that was at the helm when I was working there was laid off and now they brought back one of the previous heads, who was pretty great to work with.
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  5. Thanks! That's a pretty good idea, actually.

    Right now the main vibe I'm getting from this place is "everyone knows the school is shit but there's nothing we can do about it". There seem to be two or three colleagues who are calling the shots who refuse to make positive changes because it means they'll have to work a bit more. It's weird.

    I do enjoy the job, but there are certain elements of my mental health that have actually worsened considerably since I started. I wonder if there's a correlation.
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  6. I hate all my clients.
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  7. I got the job, dddd. It's basically my previous position only with a better boss and higher salary. It's like I took a gap year.
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  8. Does he need to? If I started any long running company/sector and all the employees there had only been there a few weeks/months I would have red flags firing out of a canon.
  9. Are you talking about my previous post that @Laurence replied to? Cos I'm a she.

    But yes, most people have been here for only a couple of months. I can think of only four or five who've been here for more than a year. I casually voiced my concerns to a sort of ... senior figure person today who guides newbies like me, but she basically told me to give it time. I think everyone secretly knows this place is garbage.
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  10. Feeling super frustrated at my job. Have a couple of lazy coworkers who just do the bare minimum, which is frustrating as it feels like I get no recognition for my work ethic etc.
    Also, they start everyone off at the same salary, regardless of previous experience (I had 5 years experience when I started, others had basically none.) And it seems that we all get the same % wage increase, regardless of performance, meaning that my lazy coworker who started a year or so before me, will always make more money than me.

    I'm sure a lot of workplaces are very similar, and overall it's not so bad, just needed to vent...
  11. Notice I said could so it's a need. Just some advice on how to if she wants to. All up to herself to connect with older employees who worked there.

    I think education has a pretty high turnover no? There's a lack of education staff in the Netherlands so there are more roles to fill, meaning you could ask for more at another school after another year of experience probably? I do not work in education but read the news about it. Switching schools can be common and the environment (school) probably pays an important part of the job.

    Yes, it is kinda a red flag with so many new staff. I doubt the senior figure would spill the tea, as that would look seriously bad on them and the place, and they obviously want you to not know the dirt yet (if there is any).
  12. The shortage of teachers is more of an issue in primary education than secondary and vocational education. I work in the latter, so it'll probably be a bit more difficult to find something new. I was employed for six months before I got my current job, which is a temporary position on paper. If the person I'm replacing doesn't come back I could be offered an extension of my contract, but I'm not sure whether I'd like to yet. Right now all the negatives outweigh the positives.

    I'm not sure if there's any "dirt", as such. All the schools I've worked at so far were all extremely badly organised with very low student satisfaction etc, so I'm not that surprised. The difference with this school is that there also seems to be low teacher satisfaction and no structure at all. My mental health suffers when I get thrown into a job with no structure, so that worries me a lot.
  13. I just applied to the same company for the same position that I had an interview for 4 months ago. Ready to flop again.
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  14. I missed a call from an HR rep this week, so I left a message requesting a call back. She phoned me again later that day, and when I answered she said 'hey babes, it's me' in a really cheerful tone. I just straight up ignored it and introduced myself and the purpose of the call, and she was mortified. Apparently she had a list of people to contact and she thought she was calling her friend.
  15. Did the whole interview process again aaaaand got rejected again dddd. Flop!
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  16. After a few months of sporadic interviews, I now have 5 scheduled on Monday and Tuesday


    but also the thoughts of having to be engaged and give energy over and over

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  17. I have a meeting with my "boss" (whom I've only spoken to twice since starting my job) next week about the potential of extending my contract. My current job is a lot harder than my previous job, but I do enjoy it and my social anxiety hasn't been that bad, which is a good sign. I also really dread having to look for a job again. I just want more certainty.
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  18. Client then: "Nobody uses the certificates. Remove them."
    -project to undo 2 years' work occurs-
    Client later: "Where are the certificates???"
    -we remind client they asked us to remove them-
    Client now: "We promised certificates - bring them back!"

    I responded internally with this and it accidentally got copied into an email chain that went back to the client:

    My career here may imminently end.
  19. Just how bad do tenures of under a year look on your CV?

    I'm growing to detest my current workplace and I'm thinking of bowing out just under the year mark. There would be no problem with references, as I am objectively A Good Employee, but I don't want it to become a black mark on my CV.
  20. It wouldn’t bother me as a hiring manager, under 6 months would be a flag but just under a year wouldn’t make me question it...
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