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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Uno


    She got the job, y'all!

    Thanks so much for the well wishes! This is so exciting and overwhelming. I wanted to scream when she called but I'm still in the office. So happy.
  2. Congratulations, happy for you!
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  3. I'm definitely fortunate to have not lost my job during this pandemic, but I'm starting to feel like the "Just be grateful you still have a job" mindset is turning into a technique for employers to not pay for things or take advantage of workers. I also think pandemic fatigue has set in with the workplace, too; there was some understanding in the beginning that people just can't be as productive under these conditions (you know, while we're literally fearing for our and our loved ones' lives), but that awareness seems to have since faded.

    It's frustrating. I don't know if this is something other people are going through right now--I hardly think I'm going through the worst of it, even--but it's been gnawing at me for weeks.
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  4. Personally I’m finding it so hard to motivate myself to the same level as if I were in the office 3-4 days a week.
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  5. Me working freelance, I definitely get some 'help COVID19 made us poor' vibes from clients and them trying to get lower fees from me. And I more than oblige for clients I know have been hit hard, I even do free stuff but when a restaurant I know has been packed and works even better than last year... sis. Stop lying.
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  6. It’s getting so frustrating trying to find another job. One place contacts me to apply for a position. I applied and contacted them heard nothing back. Another one I was interviewing for said they thought I would be bored because I have a lot of background experience but they would let me know. The last one contacted me to apply for multiple positions because they saw my resume. I contact them for a interview like I was instructed and no answer back at all. I get an email saying due to changing business needs the positions are no longer available. Something’s gotta give.
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  7. This is absolutely a thing. People are working longer and longer hours, some perhaps because they want to prove their value but I think there are others (from speaking to some of my colleagues anyway) who have perhaps over-invested in their work lives in the past and it's now their only outlet. And employers are definitely taking advantage of this whilst positioning it around "flexibility". A hard pass from me.

    As much as I find it jarring to log on and read emails that have been sent and responded to during the night, I've been pretty adamant about disconnecting and doing no more than I ordinarily would in the office.
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  8. Uno


    I feel weird asking this here since I had just recently posted a positive experience about my job, but I am unsure where else to ask for advice.

    Before I got my new position (which I LOVE) I was moving around to different departments to assist in errands they needed and one day I met this woman whom I've never met before and she has asked me for my name. After telling her my name, she wrapped her arm around my waist and said "We're definitely going to fuck before this year's up" and walked away without me saying a single word to her other than my name. I didn't even catch her name at the time. As she walked away I could overhear her say to another employee, "That guy is cool, right? I totally just sexually harassed him!"

    I brushed it off as a really awkward experience but didn't dwell cause I didn't know the woman and never seen her again. Cut to my new change of position: I see her nearly everyday now and it's way more uncomfortable for me than I ever thought it would be. We don't work together, but we run into each other a lot, and I can't even look her in the eye or walk down the same hall as her. My stomach kind of sinks when I see her.

    I don't think I want to go to HR, because although it makes me uncomfortable, it doesn't sound like something that "serious" for them to do much about, right?. My friend suggested writing her an email on how it made me feel and that it shouldn't happen again, but I'm unsure what to do. I'm still the new guy and she's been with the company over 10 years, now. Any advice?
  9. you should totally go to HR - it is serious and I would feel the same way as you do now.
    Reminds me of the Thomas Cook flight I took with my mum in my early 20s when I wasn’t 100% sure of my sexuality and certainly not out to family, and the flight attendant grabbed me on the way out and whispered in my ear about how he was going to find me and fuck my brains out. I laughed it off awkwardly but it was several years before I realised how much that scared me.
  10. HI Guys, I have a bit of a dillema re job situation, I work in the customer service industry and I love it, however my previous background experience lies in working with IT.

    An internal position came up that is very much a technology based poition and needs good knowledge of computers which I have, and as its internal I have a good a chance as anyone who has applied, now this position is well paid and better paid than what im earning at the minute but im loving the poisition i am in at the moment and working with people is defiently something I much prefer, i like working with technology but I prefer working with people as its more enjoyable. I know that even if not at this minute later on there will be other customer related positions I can apply for but im torn between the two ideas, i dont know if i should even go in for this interview I have been called for as I am double minded. Also in this job role there are some loose ends I need to tie up because of Covid I didnt get a chance to complete all tasks before the lockdown.
  11. I’d say go for it. Interview experience in different areas of the business is always a positive. Even if you do decide you don’t want to proceed, you don’t have to accept an offer if you do get one. They would likely have a reserve in mind anyway if you were to decline.
  12. Thank you, this advice was actually really good, I went along for the interview but I asked them a few questions about what to expect for the future and something just didnt sit right with me, the job itself sounds good but the hours worked and other things didnt feel right for me so i know for sure that this isnt the right job for me, had i not gone in for interview i might have been kicking myself.
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  13. Glad to hear it! At least you know now.
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  14. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" as an interview question really needs to be retired, locked away in a home and never visited.
  15. A 6 month secondment has come up at my work and one of the hiring managers basically broke all rules and had a teams meeting with me before I the job went live and said they want me to apply for it because they want me in their team. I’m touched they think so highly of me, but it’s within finance, which isn’t a field I really see myself in.

    There’s a slight pay rise but nothing major. It’s for 6 months with the potential of it going permanent. I know I “could” do the role but it’s whether I actually want to. The deadline to apply is tomorrow and the role would start next week so it’s all very quick.
  16. How satisfied are you with your current role? If you’re ambivalent about the new role maybe it comes down to that?
  17. That’s a good point. I actually quite enjoy doing my current role and I like the people I work with. I’m working alongside two departments atm, it keeps things fresh and interesting. If I went for secondment, I would only work with finance and wouldn’t be able to straddle the other departments like I do atm.

    I guess I’ve just made my mind up!
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  18. tea


    I'm still not sure if I want to post this, but I need to rant, I'm so stressed/anxious.

    For context: I was in talks with a union to take on my workplace, because of inconsistencies with management and wage theft.

    One closing shift, I had to leave 2 hours early at 7pm for a family emergency. My mom was found collapsed, struggling to breathe, and was being rushed to the hospital. She went to the Dr for gallstones a couple weeks before, but it wasn't nearly as intense; paramedics weren't sure if it was her heart or gallstones.

    It was 7pm, 2 hours to close, and I was the only one in the building at that point. I shot my boss a text as I was leaving, explaining the situation, but never heard back - I followed up waiting outside the hospital around 11:30pm, where my phone died right after. Got home ~4am after my mom's surgery was done, to a text from my boss saying "if it's just the cleaning left to do, then don't worry about it - but if the dogs weren't taken care of, then we have a problem. I'm going back to sleep, call me if I need to come in." (note: our daycare has cameras that she can access, she would have seen that the lights were all left on, dogs' bedding were outside the crates, the food bowls weren't taken out) It was 3 hours later at that point, but I called her and it went to voicemail. I don't remember when but I fell asleep shortly afterwards.

    I wake up to texts from the assistant manager, telling me I should have called or texted her to come in. No follow-up from management or anything asking if my mom was okay. I get I should have called her or something after I got home, I wish I had. I was honestly just relieved that it wasn't my mom's heart and was in fact the gallbladder. COVID restrictions wouldn't even let us see my mom so I wasn't sure if that was the last time I would see her (maybe that was being dramatic in hindsight but it's how I felt).

    In the middle of my next shift, my manager calls me in to apologize for being "snippity" over text, then serves me 4 write-up letters. 1 for failing to have 2-way communication for shift coverage, 1 for leaving the dogs without care, 1 for leaving the building unsecured (I locked the door but forgot to set alarm), and 1 for being late (unrelated, and I was late almost every shift so that one was fair). She believed me that I said I was clear on emergency procedures now, and would never do this again. She said she couldn't trust me anymore with closing shifts (other than lateness, had never done anything to break "trust"). Told me I was being toxic - for being quiet at the beginning of my shift? I was honestly baffled and was already kinda pissed that no one seemed to care my mom could have died, which was why I was quiet when I came in. I got upset and told her I wouldn't sign it, but it was going nowhere and was way too emotional, I ended up leaving bawling.

    Came in next week, suspended, to the assistant manager telling me to sign because it's "just a piece of paper", and saying how they want the "old" me back. Talking to my manager, I was much calmer this time and stayed firm that I didn't think this write-up was fair, but she did because I was bringing "personal" things to it. Again she wouldn't budge, and eventually said "we're done here" and walked out on me mid-sentence.

    Came in again a week later, after talking to my union contact about it, who suggested signing them if I was still eager to unionize, as there isn't really any write-up protections for workers without a union. I took her advice, and signed the 4 write-ups, with an additional ban on me bringing my dog to work - because she chased a dog who stopped coming weeks ago (unrelated to chasing - they moved away) and was anxious with other coaches. This was the first time I had heard about my dog causing problems. All of which are common problems and quite mild, compared to other customer's dogs and my boss's dog that are consistent safety hazards yet take forever to dismiss. I was never given a chance to correct the behaviour (like other staff were/are allowed to do). I ended up agreeing to everything, along with no more closing shifts until she regained "trust" in me.

    It's been over 2 months and I've been laying low, taking notes, and being a star employee despite my 1 year of seniority given away to people who were just hired. Got an email this afternoon from my boss with a write-up attached, saying that my timekeeping is back to unacceptable, and this would be the final warning. I was 1 minute late. For comparison: I work 2 shifts a week with school, and of the 9 shifts I have worked with my boss since, she was late 4/9 times; 1.5~ hours late, 10 minutes late, 20~ minutes late, and 1 minute late.

    Ever since the initial suspension, coworkers have been more distant towards me. I think they're scared it's going to happen to them, but it feels like they don't care what happened or think I deserve it. I never told my family, I didn't want them to stress or bring them back to that night, even though everything turned out okay in the end. I'm very alone with this and I feel like I'm going crazy. It's been over 3 hours since I replied to the email - and I can't focus on school or anything else because it keeps popping up in my head, I keep wanting to see if she replied, it's like I'm brought back to the stress/anxiety of the first write-ups. I just want to give up.

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  19. tea


    Update: Just received a letter of termination for being 1 minute late, despite being on warning 2/3.

  20. Sorry to hear this. As you've nothing left to lose, I'd write it all up nice and clear, concise explanations, bullet points, as formally as you can, pointing out the hypocrisy of her being late on X occasions.
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