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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I was ready to change jobs last summer because i felt it was the right time but of course Covid has scuppered everything and i think its going to take time for the recruitment market to pick up.......I continue to remain unhappy till god knows when, COVID i hate you so much.
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  3. Ugh, when you apply to a needlessly complicated and bureaucratized work/study programme and anxiously waiting to hear, and they send you an email to create your assessment centre account BEFORE deciding whether to invite you to the assessment centre stage at all. I HAVE FEELINGS PEOPLE!
  4. Our managers are doing a “well-being surprise” on Wednesday, in which they are... bringing us a cup of coffee! Not specially bought, not a Starbucks order or whatever. Just a regular coffee. From the staff room. Like we’d get every morning anyway - just delivered by a manager instead...

    I -
  5. Great cheap-being surprise.
  6. I've noticed lately that after finishing work and closing the laptop, my brain is still buzzing and thoughts are all about work for an hour or 2 afterwards. I guess when I was in an office I had the journey home to wind down and relax. As annoying as commuting can be, I feel like I might actually miss it somewhat as it often gives me the time to space out, look out the window and listen to music.
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  7. I got an email this morning from my boss with "URGENT ASSIGNMENT" as a title, followed by an email from his boss 10 minutes later explaining that it wasn't and it in fact can wait til after the holidays. Middle management are the worst ddd.
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  8. That woman sounds like a terrible person. Bragging about sexually harassing someone? The fuck?
  9. I start a new job tomorrow after working 4+ years at a company and in a job that ultimately totally burnt me out and I felt devalued at. So yay for finally leaving!

    ANYWAY. This new role is pretty similar to my previous role except I’ll have a more senior title, it’s a pretty big pay rise for me and I’m going from client side to agency. I’ve been feeling major imposter syndrome feelings for the last month or so and keep worrying I’m not actually good enough for this role and they’ll suss me out as a total fraud by the end of the week. Honestly, the voices in my head are loud. I’m trying to tell myself this is what years of being devalued by your employer, toxic mind games and a toxic work environment can do to you but... agh. I wish there was a simpler way of shaking off these feelings.

    Also I know how incredibly lucky I am for even getting a new job at the moment, I was on the cusp of getting made me redundant at my previous company and then a total miracle happened with this new job. Any advice on silencing imposter syndrome is very much welcome!!
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  10. I suspect most of us get it but remember your new employer sees you in the role so believe in yourself and good luck!
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  11. Thank you, I’m sure we all get nervous before starting a new job, don’t we?! I’ll try!
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  12. I’m finding work quite difficult at the moment. I was given quite a senior role with less experience than usual, so there was a mutual understanding that some hand-holding was going to be necessary, but I’ve found that it has escalated into my decisions being undermined and then new decisions being dictated to me. The problem is that I don’t have much wiggle room to push back because my inexperience has created a very easy way to discredit anything I say. It’s all been done under the guise of “constructive criticism” and I’ve been made to appear disruptive or unreasonable for pushing back. There’s not really anyone in my corner or anyone I can turn to for support. It has me questioning myself and whether I’m truly in the right whatsoever.

    I really don’t want to leave my job during the pandemic and when I’ve only been there for a year. It just feels like an untenable situation.
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  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    You can rack up years of experience somewhere else that doesn’t make you miserable sis, life’s too short to be feeling that way. You don’t want to be in a position where you feel that you’re accepting that there might be truth in what you’re being made to feel, because it’s not true. Being stuck in negative work situations eats away at your confidence longer term and before you know it you don’t have the confidence to apply for other jobs or take on new challenges. Start looking for an exit now, the pandemic might slow down your search but it’ll make you feel better every day knowing that you’re working on finding something that’ll not make you feel like crap.
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  14. I’m feeling kind of nervous because I’m not quite at 90 days at my new job and because of possible symptoms I had to stay home today and I can’t get tested until tomorrow and I can’t go back until I have the results and submit them to HR. We have to answer a screener everyday so it’s not like I would ever lie about how I felt. I mean there is a COVID policy in place and multiple people there have had it in the short amount of time I’ve been there which has made me kind of nervous because it’s been like a ghost town with most people working from home so its like....what are these people doing. I guess I’m just nervous and rambling now hahaha.
  15. I know not all bosses, supervisors, team leaders etc are like this; but it baffles why some just love the power and thrive from attempting to intimidate and make assumptions about you.

    Like for example today, my team leader placed me in a private call with an instant attitude. Right off the bat she started making claims that I was ‘missing work’ because the system showed that I wasn’t in on Saturday. I calmly told her that I was, and that it must be a system error that hasn’t logged me in. Straight away I was hit with ‘well I just want honesty to be honest. I’d appreciate if you were honest with me’ and before I had a chance to explain myself, she said ‘Lunch!’ And hung up.

    Like girl, let’s stop letting your ‘team leader’ label go to your head. You are not intimating. No boss is. You are simply a worker just like me regardless of your title.

    So I’ve complied all my evidence and emails to prove that I was in, I even have a fucking selfie with my headset on. She works at this shitty startup and she knows the system is faulty. The funny this is, there are emails between me and her on the day she claimed ‘I had missed’ ddd.

    It honestly just doesn’t take much to step back and be cool about the situation. What a dick.
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  16. New workplace energy: getting through work quickly while I'm experiencing insomnia, then submitting it drip by drip so they don't be getting ideas about ramping up my workload ddd.
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  17. I’m moving to Shanghai before the end of the year (on a working visa hopefully). I plan to teach English so am researching TEFL courses. I’m already a qualified teacher with lots of EAL experience - does anyone know firsthand what impact this has (if any) on why kind of course is best for me to do? Obviously I’d like to make life as easy as possible for myself and not do more than is required of me given my prior experience in education. Thanks I’m advance for any help, girls!
  18. Waking up to another week of the same drudgery


    I actually like my job I just don't understand how you're not meant to become resentful spending 40 hours on the same thing every bloody week

  19. I feel this. As a teacher, my job is usually unpredictable and filled with variety but remote/hybrid learning has really served the repetition.
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