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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

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  2. I'm really struggling with work at the moment. Generally it's a job I enjoy a lot as I find the work meaningful, and the place I work is interesting, but my Division Director has just gone off the deep end, unnecessarily micro-managing every aspect of my colleagues and my jobs to the point it can take several hours to do tasks that shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes or less, and being asked to do overtime (unpaid) almost every day. She says that overtime can't be claimed if the work could be done in office hours, but then I get phone calls after office hours are over asking for help even when I submitted my work to them hours earlier, as if i'm being punished for them not being able to review it in good time. Recently we had to start working earlier on the basis that we would finish earlier, but we're working as late as ever ddd. She's constantly changing her mind on things, then we get the blame as if telepathy is a part of my job description.

    It's a busy job where important things can come up randomly and I appreciate that, but the culture is just a grind. My colleague called me yesterday in tears because she felt so low. I feel so exhausted after work that I have no energy to do any hobbies or things i'm interested in. I've seriously considered leaving but I haven't been at the job for a full year yet so I think it's a bit soon.

    Just needed to vent!
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  3. You need to escalate this. It's not only unfair, it's unsustainable too. And don't be afraid to leave if you find something better. If your workplace won't change then you owe them nothing.
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  4. I have a client like that. She asks for something (say, a food menu) and then after I send 5 ideas she picks the 3rd with the fonts of the 2nd and the feel of the first but would also like to see a new idea like this and this (she attached google images) and then those ideas turn into seven and just as we're about to go to the printers (sometimes just as the thing is being printed!) she calls and asks to revert to the ideas we saw two weeks ago but could we see alternatives with more of 'sexy vibe'.

    I work freelance so I charge her triple for what I would to a normal client (and it's still not worth all the work hours and emotional downs) but she's really, really testing me. If I was a graphic designer working her account at a design company I'd have probably quit.
  5. This is such a prevalent issue in today's world especially in the corporate/creative industry. I'm lucky to be working at a big advertising agency but the workload is often not normal. Sometimes you wonder if all the hard work, sleepless nights and long days at shoots are worth the trouble. I feel like it's definitely not sustainable in the long run and I know that I won't be able to do that for a long time. I realised that when it comes to this industry, it's not about who's more talented but who's able to live through these conditions without having a meltdown.
  6. Wasn’t sure where to ask but a thread about the workplace on a pop music forum seemed the best bet.

    I have decided to get a new laptop. I tried MacBook for several years but I barely use it now I have iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on what laptop is best? Needs to not be too heavy, good for work and media(music/video). Don’t do any gaming so that’s not an issue.
  7. Ha! This is so many clients.

    "I want this section permanently removed."
    "But I want it so that I can put it back if I need to."
    "So... not permanently removed?"
    "Yes, permanently. But with the option to reinstate it."
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  8. SBK



    "Can you try this"
    "Thats good can you try it like this"
    "Okay can I see it like this?"
    "Right lets not bother with it"

    Literally me all day yesterday.
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  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I plucked up the courage to ask for a pay increase and apparently I will get one. She (might be, in a few weeks, maybe) is eating good tonight!!!!!
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  10. My work telling me my contract isn’t being renewed on the last day and then asking me to work for free for a day or two to finish a project ddd. I sent the same passive aggressive email back with the words changed to say no thanks.
  11. Somebody in my team decided to declare their salary as a 'fuck you' to capitalism, but as soon as it became clear they earned less than some other people who'd been there for a shorter time, all hell broke loose.
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  12. This is why keeping salaries private is only profitable for the company! Always try to benchmark using Glassdoor, Indeed, friends, colleagues, people who are in the same industry or similar - and ask for something reasonable because you deserve it and because of what value you bring.
  13. It might just be because I've usually worked in the public sector for most of my career but I believe that all salaries should be transparent. I've had one private sector job and I was completely unprepared to negotiate my salary. I desperately wanted the job as I'd been trying to break into my desired sector for years and it's this sort of thing that encourages people to undervalue themselves. I did get a few pay rises over the 7 years I was there but they were small and I really had to fight for them.

    I left that job 2 years ago and due that to that move and a subsequent promotion I'm now earning £15,000 more than when I was in that role. It's a myth that the private sector pays more than the public sector although my profession is quite low paid overall.
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  14. I have a job interview tomorrow for a tech company that I'm quite excited about. I'm currently working in a different industry so I'm a bit worried about my qualifications...but my resume got through so they clearly see somthing, right? I'm currently trying to just understand as much as I can about what the company does - but there's definitely jargon I'm not too familiar with.

    I haven't had an interview in over a year - any special tips for a Zoom interview?
  15. Hey I work at HR and been doing quite a few interviews online:

    - Dress still nice
    - Make sure you won‘t be distracted by anything
    - Have some water on the side and drink if you need
    - You can use your headphones for better quality
    - Sometimes the internet is off, ask if you didn‘t understand something
    - Try to find out as much as you can about the company. If you don‘t understand exactly what they do ask them. You can ask if there would be a training to understand the products.
    - Prepare a few other questions, ask about the company, the team, a typical work day, ask them if they are unsure about something and how you could change their mind.
    - Prepare yourself for some typical questions that can be asked (you can even write your answers down for you since no one really sees it).
    - Listen exactly to the questions, try to not loose focus. Also if they ask you again about the same thing but more in detail it can either mean that they liked what you said previously but also that they didn‘t like the previous answer and want to make sure. Try to feel the vibe.
    - Eventhough you should not be distracted don‘t be mad if they are, some still read an e-mail on the side or don‘t look into the camera cause they use two screens
    - Don‘t stress yourself too much. Analyze how the conversation went and try to learn something from it

    Just some general tips, good luck!
  16. @Alenko - You're amazing, thank you so much!
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  17. Going to save this in Notes for my interview merrygoround which will be starting soon hopefully so thank you!
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  18. Those interview tips are excellent.
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  19. I had a sneezing fit during a Zoom interview a couple of months ago.
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  20. So following, this, my boss has gotten worse, to the point it feels like bullying. There were several points last week that I just felt like breaking down. I don't deserve to be spoken to or treated in that way. I've decided to start at least looking for something new, as I assume the process may take a long time (especially atm). I'm already fantasizing about giving her my letter of resignation ddd
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