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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I wish I had seen this earlier, I work for a tech company and I just started conducting interviews for the first time ever this month. @Alenko's tips are very good indeed. I'm just gonna leave some comments in case it's helpful for anyone in the future.

    Going from the perspective of my project, we need to hear that you work well in teams, and you get extra points if you acknowledge that everyone has their own way of learning and working on their tasks (which also ties with being open minded with other cultures).

    We also ask what you do if you have trouble with a task, in which case you always need to reach out to a senior manager or anyone with a higher rank. Never say that you would try to solve things by yourself, which is actually what people coming from sales jobs have been taught to do.
    If you say something that's clearly the opposite of what the interviewer wanted to hear you can always try to solve the situation saying that that's the way you have been trained so far but that you can adapt to the requirements of the project with no problem.

    We also ask how you take negative feedback, which the best answer is not personally, and then we can ask for an example when you ever got one. At that point it's really important that you come up with a real example, because saying that no one has ever given you a note to improve on some aspect is just not realistic.gif
    Personally, don't give a real answer saying that you would see if you really made a mistake or not...what we need to know is that you are not going to start screaming the moment you get feedback, so the more you get away from that image, the better. Just say that you don't take it personally and that it's an opportunity to improve yourself, those are the two key ideas.

    I imagine as well that most projects are interested in people with experience working towards targets, so try to think of some example of that. It's not essential because lots of younger candidates with limited experience haven't been in that situation, but it always helps.

    Also, just as a general note, if you feel nervous...say it! We actually take note of that and we use it to explain some aspect where the person didn't perform well, and I always try to get them to feel more comfortable when they say that. If you have an interviewer that is not warm with people...well, at least you tried.

    And reinforcing what @Alenko said...always wear headphones! They will save your life in a video call, especially if it's not in your native language.
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  2. @DoggySwami Thanks so much, these tips will definitely be helpful for many of us I'm sure!

    Interesting note regarding saying you feel nervous - I always thought it was best to just exude confidence but that's definitely good to note. We are all human after all...
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  3. Confidence can easily be mistaken for arrogance and as HR I always ask myself if the person will fit in the team and if it‘s an „easy“ person to handle.

    So I would prefer if the candidate said he/she is nervous. I would try to have more small talk and ease the person into the interview.

    Very good tips from @DoggySwami !
  4. I applied for a job and got to the Logic Test (with the shapes)...did a practice test online and got 5/10...not sure how to improve. I have a few days to take it so I guess try again but, it got hard towards the end.
  5. That has definitely been my experience so far, from shadowing other leads and managers, and how I conduct my own interviews. Other career fields might be different though.
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  6. Ain't this the truth.

  7. Carrying on nicely from the above, it's looking like my line manager took the 'pot' of money for our team's annual pay increments... and gave it all to one person.

    I may well rage quit.
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  8. How are y'all staying motivated working from home I'm over it tbh xx
  9. LTG


    Making sure I have a full hour for lunch, get out in the sun, log off as soon as I’ve done my hours. It’s still tough but at least there are other things going on in life now.
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  10. SBK


    I've kinda come to the realisation that I don't need to work solidly between 9-5, I just need to be available to work. I generally will start early so that I can do my daily tasks and so I can pace myself throughout the day. If I don't need to be at my desk I'll go for a walk, do the washing, make a proper lunch/dinner...
  11. Applying to new jobs xx
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  12. How this sort of thing is even allowed is beyond me.
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  13. She's managed to win an in year award for managing to somehow deliver an away day in the middle of pandemic, gerls.

    It was neither away nor a day. But I don't see why that should matter.
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  14. I started a new job this week and I've not met any colleagues in the flesh but last night, one found my socials and as of this morning she's giving me this energy.

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  15. I freelance in TV production (mostly docs) and I quit my job last week. I was fortunate to stay employed throughout the entire Covid nightmare but I've officially got nothing left to give. I hate not seeing a project the whole way through (my fourth in the last 12 months) but I can feel myself going into shutdown mode and it's really affecting my performance and just all round motivation. I'd waste two hours in a day trying to motivate myself to do the most straightforward tasks and in the end always eating into my free time because I'm not being productive enough during the day. Then you just end up working all of the time in an industry that's already unreasonably demanding.

    Attempting to have a couple of months off to recharge.
  16. Started asking recruiters “so who are your biggest competitors?” to make sure I’ve applied there too

  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I kinda lowballed myself in an interview but isn’t it kind of a bad read to expect like a significant (more than 10k probably) pay rise to jump from an entry level position where I had no experience prior to another entry level position in a different field/industry where I’d have even less experience/credentials. But I would be doing more in this position than in the position I’m currently in.
  18. Next week I am interview for a manager position at my dream company!! I started as a contractor last year (had a full meltdown on this thread because I almost lost the opportunity due to immigration woes tied into covid, and that's still an issue but they're helping me through it), and now they are interested in bringing me on full time and give me a big promotion. It's wild! I'm so excited but need to temper my expectations.

    Anyway, here's to the possibility of new job, new office, new apartment, new car this Summer.
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  19. What is the worst job you've had?

    Mine was a student job at a TGI Fridays as a door dolly (telling people they should go wait at the bar for 45 minutes until a table was free). Eight hour shifts with no breaks, asshole managers, and every month as well as being forced to vote for best newbie (thus was the extent of the turnover!) you also had to vote for the oh-so motivational 'Muppet of the Month'.

    I only lasted about six weeks before they tried to hand out a disciplinary because I was a couple of minutes late one time so I told them to go fuck themselves and sashayed away.
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  20. The worst job I've had is political canvassing. I am super invested in politics but I fucking hate canvassing. The quotas, the boredom, rude people, the lame script you have to follow, the fact that it brings out the worst of my social anxiety. I just can't with it.
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