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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I worked for a catering company as a waiter/bartender when I was at uni to make a few extra bucks, and it was awful. The pay was abysmal and they always made us work exhausting business events filled with the most stuck-up people who treated us all like trash. And we always had to fight to get shifts as they didn’t have enough events for the amount of people they had hired. They also demanded I was clean-shaven for every event and I had to take my ear piercings out. Did it for a few months then decided I’d rather just be poor.
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  2. My worst job was about 3 years ago with a recruitment agency, and it was nothing to do with the job itself but more the culture of the organisation.

    When I started no one bothered to make me feel welcome, and on a team night out I was approached by a colleague who told me to ‘tone down the gay’ because the last gay person that worked there wasn’t very nice. There was more intermittent cases of thinly veiled homophobia but fast forward a few months to the company AGM in Birmingham and my hotel room was taken by a colleague so they could sleep with someone, meaning I had nowhere to sleep. I decided to make my own way home to Glasgow as I’d had enough and no one even gave a shit that I was gone.

    It was utterly demoralising and after leaving it took a good few months for me to really feel like myself again. I’ve worked in internal recruitment in an HR capacity for the last 2 years and I love it - moral of the story is to recognise the red flags as early as possible and get the fuck out as soon as you can.
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  3. My worst job was without a doubt Iceland, the supermarket. Jesus. I laugh about it with my mates now - but I’d urge anyone to never step foot near that place for a job.

    Abusive customers, with a ‘the customer is always right mentality’. Getting screamed at on average twice a day, getting left to rot on tills for a whole shift with hardly any breaks.

    Extremely toxic co-workers, they all seemed so...bitter. It was all the men to be fair, all straight. This is in a very outdated small town too, so I can kind of see looking back, what I was getting myself into.

    They’d all bitch about eachother and anyone else who worked there, I knew they were doing it about me too, even though they knew nothing about me. I’d have general chit chat with them, that was literally it. They were literally obsessed with working at Iceland.

    They’d form this little group and watch you like a hawk. Watch you for mistakes etc.

    Like many others I was aware that I was likely the butt of all their jokes or whatever, as was the manager who was gay, and a person who worked there who was non-binary. They’d often make homophobic and racist remarks, so I knew it wouldn’t be wise to tell them anything about my personal life. They’d have known I was gay though I’m sure.

    I remember one of them walking straight up to me and calling me weird, saying he thought I had ADHD because I ‘don’t get involved much’. I overheard one guy just outright saying I was dumb when he barely even knew me. I was just like...okay!

    They tried to be intimidating, and make the workplace almost like a playground dynamic. It’s like, ladies, I could not give less of a shit about this job, or you if I tried.

    I mean, their lives consisted of stealing a chicken tikka ready meal every day for lunch and going two ways on half a stubbed out joint out back - so I wasn’t about to get too hung up on their bullying, homophobic, racist attitudes. I was informed that they’d spread a rumor that I was on drugs the whole time I’d worked there after I walked out. Scream. I fucking wish!

    Id love to know the psychology behind these ignorant little bratty straight men who are so insecure in their masculinity. It definitely taught me that insecure straight men need control, for whatever reason.

    I now work and know straight men who are secure in themselves and are lovely to speak to etc.

    I’d never work in retail again, but now I’m in a job I actually don’t mind doing, with some really caring co-workers, and I have my own little room I rent! So it’s all good.
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  4. One of our sister companies is advertising for the same job I do, but for £10k more! This entirely explains why they said they were going to merge the teams then suddenly stopped talking about it.

    Off goes my transfer request
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  5. I just had a six hour interview with a company (my third round) and I just found out on Friday I didn’t get the job. Truly crushing. After I met with the seventh person who was the onboarding specialist I thought I had the job when they were asking me if I had any planned vacations they should no about (I literally said no to increase my chances) / if I had any other offers at the moment / if I was prepared to relocate. God I fucking hate this stupid world.
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  6. Sorry to hear that, can you get any feedback? If it’s any consolation so many jobs have names on already…it’s not you.
  7. Some companies recruiting processes are ridiculous. I applied for a role last week and they’ve emailed to say I have been shortlisted to interview, with a six step process. The next steps are a 30 minute task, then 30 minute call, then an hour task, then an hour call with a director, then a 4 hour on-site session in their office and then a final stage of a half day training session.

    All this before they decide whether you get the role. I politely declined and said I don’t want to spend my annual leave doing that.
  8. For me, that's the hardest bit. I've always been someone considered to have high emotional intelligence or whatever (apparently I "give great feedback"), but the emotional meltdown bit is not a case of if but when. Even when you strive to treat people well, we're manipulated by vapid "Management" culture to implicate those around us and made to feel like we're never doing enough or being effective. Whilst those in charge are obviously 100% accountable for the lot of it and are incentivised to literally squeeze the life out of you and everyone around you.

    It really is the most crushing system, yet growing old with no money or long-term housing security is equally bleak, if not more so (literally, every member of my family). When do we riot?
  9. R92


    Seeing these discussions about the conditions at a lot of these corporate jobs is hitting hard with me lately. My current job is kind of a "dream job" in my industry, in a sense that it's a well-known company with a lot of competition to get noticed and hired, but it leads to a really exploitative work environment for those like me on the lower levels. The work-life balance was already a struggle in the pre-pandemic days, but now that we're working from home they've taken advantage and encouraged an erosion of that balance. It feels like we're on-call at all hours of the day with no respect towards breaks, the work that we do is often abortive due to the indecisiveness of management, and any sort of recognition feels minimal at best. My current project has been an utter nightmare and I usually find myself breaking down multiple times a week trying to cope with what's being expected of us. I know that there's a lot to be grateful for, like remaining employed throughout the pandemic and not taking massive pay cuts, but it's definitely felt like it's come at the expense of my mental health; because they sponsored my visa here, I'm pretty stuck and don't really know how to alleviate this situation.
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  10. It's sad that many of us are in situations like this. I know there is not much I can say other than that I feel with you and I know exactly what you're talking about. When the workplace culture is toxic and completing every day feel like it's some big accomplishment really takes a toll on your psyche. I really thought that working from home will sort of lighten the load and bring a new perspective ... but they just adapted every thing that's wrong with the old system and made it worse.

    I don't know if anyone has the same issue, but I always place my phone with the screen down on the table so I don't have to check my notification and emails as soon as I'm done working. I hate that my phone became equal to anxiety and stress.
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  11. I'm unemployed after being employed on endless 12 weeks contracts and yeah, it's really tough out here. I have two degrees, under 30 with no location / kids / commitments (I mention age because my mom has had big issues with ageism in the workplace), years of experience and getting even an interview is just a nightmare. Finally been invited to a written exam this week for a role that I'd be great for so fingers crossed but I didn't dream it would be this hard. Thankfully I'm a bit paranoid re: financial security so I've always put money away (gone without eating etc in the past to be able to save - isn't life great ha!) and I'm fine for a while but very disheartening.
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  12. Currently going through an ''if I could leave my job, I would in a heatbeat'' phase.

    I've only ever had one job, after just turning 18 and still at school, going to work at a supermarket. In October this year, I'll have worked there 11 years.
    I guess if I'm honest, the last year especially has exacerbated the growing hatred of working in retail. I've never seen so many FUCKING ENTITLED IDIOTS than I have during the pandemic.

    As like a lot of employees, I have a group chat with my manager and fellow two section leaders, obviously in case things crop up, or for information that is important. It's my first day off in almost 2 weeks, and I'm being messaged about an incident that might have occured a couple days prior and I'm expected to reply back, yet when I say to them to speak to the colleague that actually served the customer, I'm met with the reposnse of 'I can't ring (xxx) about that at home'. So why is it okay that my day off has now been interrupted and put me into a bad mood?

    Sorry if this makes me sound very entitled, but I'm just angry and want somewhere to vent. (Plus, my brother who works for the same company is being made redundant and it's only adding to my anger!)
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  13. It's so disheartening to get rejections for jobs that I could do with ease. I'm going to be stuck in this hell job forever ddd
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  14. I've been 'selected for interview' by the same-job-but-£10k-more place. Scared now.
  15. Cross-posting here because it is work related.

  16. My step one interview was me... and eight interviewers on a Zoom call.
  17. How did it go?
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  18. Zoomkake
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  19. It was only 30-minutes with one question from each of them, but seemed to go fine despite dog doing his best to say hello. The next step is some task or other.

    One of them was worth it.
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    I really don‘t get how a Zoom call with 8 people or a seven step hiring process is a good use of company money. We just usually invite everyone who fits the profile, then do two short rounds of interviews and go with our gut feeling. It has never not worked out. Some people just don‘t perform well in interview situations or assessments and it seems ridiculous to lose out on candidates by creating an extremely strict and ‚thorough‘ hiring routine.
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