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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I've been interviewing for a full time job at a top entertainment company and had 7 interviews even tho I've already been working with them a full year as a contractor, it's wild.

    Anyway, their final decision is coming on Monday, pray for me girlies.
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  2. I had an interview on Wednesday and got rejected today. I don't really mind as I think it was good experience anyway. I'm just going to keep looking for something right and meanwhile bite my tongue and grind my teeth for eight hours a day at least in the meantime.
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  3. I’ve been in hospital for most of the past week (home now) and I have an interview tomorrow that I’ve done zero prep for, plus the antibiotics I’m on are making me woozy as fuck. Can’t be rescheduled so I guess I’ll just get on with it. Have a horrible feeling this will be one they’ll use in HR training schemes or something in the future ddd.
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  4. giphy-1.gif
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  6. On my interview today they called me "interesting and entertaining" so I've decided to take that as positive feedback. Please keep fingers crossed folks I need a job.
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  7. Double post but shout out to HR people writing job specs, 2+ years of specific experience required is NOT an "entry level position".
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  8. Ugh, this just always reminds me of finishing uni and trying to find a job. Prior experience needed but no entry point to get said experience.

    I've been browsing Linkedin lately out of boredom and keep noticing a lot of places now add 'Bachelors degree required' as the top thing they're looking for. Apparently my 8+ years of experience in this line of work counts for nothing now when appyling.
  9. Does anyone else get preoccupied with the number of hours they’ve spent working rather than the number of tasks completed?

    So, I’m relatively ahead of all my deadlines and have the normal summer lull in my workload… yet I get super anxious and guilty if I’m not working my ‘normal’ day of 8 hours. Since I’m working from home, I’ve only been working a couple of hours each day to keep on top of things, but the idea that I’m slacking is gnawing away at me.

    But what would be the point of being chained to my laptop all day if I’m not being productive and getting stuff done?

    Whew capitalism has fucked my head. I hate the feeling of indebtedness to your employer
  10. I work freelance and still feel this for myself dd. Like, I know a slow day is something to be enjoyed as getting five emails about urgent projects are just around the corner (and it always happens) yet I can't leave my office as I feel 9 to 6 or so are work hours in my mind.
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  11. Me and my colleague who is in the same team had a teams chat to just vent about things because it feels like our team is being dumped with a lot of grunt work. On top of that it feels like we’re the only team being forced to go back into the office as of next week, while other teams can continue to stay working from home. It’s only one or two days a week for us but we don’t like that the whole return to the office isn’t being equally shared out.

    It felt nice to just vent for a whole hour. I feel like with working from home I’ve got it in my head that I shouldn’t moan because in the grand scheme of things I’m lucky to still have a job. I absolutely still believe this and know how lucky I am all things considered. Because of this, a lot of the things at work that have been stressing me out or gnawing at me have just festered, so this moaning session felt so bloody cathartic. And it was nice to know I wasn’t alone in my feelings either.
  12. SBK


    I was the same last year... Now I'm of the opinion - when I'm working from home, I'm "available" during work hours and will work 8 hours if necessary, earlier this week I did 14 hours, today I've probably done 6? But in q4 last year I was doing 7am to 8pm most days and weekends. I'd take it back when I could but I never got most of it back properly...

    So long as you're fulfilling your tasks to the standard expected and are available during work hours when needed, there's not much your employer can expect from you. Enjoy those days when you aren't rammed from 9-5...
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  13. I hate my job and I’m wasting my life <3
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  14. Before the pandemic I was in event planning and sales in the hospitality industry (with some marketing experience and tons of admin/ admin assistant type experience as well), and I can't find anything in that realm right now and I'm losing my shit. I don't even know where to go or what to do, I don't know how to find something like remotely what I have experience in, and without more experience, I'm getting looked over for the few things I find that I could do. Just terrified in general that I'll never actually find what I'm looking for and be successful again. do I go about navigating these fields and covering ground as far as putting myself out there? I was just getting into moving up in my job and securing a "bigger" title and then everything went to shit with the world. I'm so lost, and it feels helpless. I always get told I have good experience and I'm a great interview, but then nothing happens.
  15. I know it’s stressful but it just takes one good interview and one offer bb.
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  16. Very true. It's just hard to keep sight of that when you're trying not to get your hopes up too high for every interview or every job but also still remain positive. The not knowing of things with this situation has been the hardest. Thank you for the reminder that it'll come!
  17. GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now 1000000 background checks because of the role but I'm beyond chuffed. Makes spending the last month fighting off a killer bacterial infection worth it. Doesn't start til September thankfully so now I can recover knowing that I'll be off to the races in the autumn.
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  18. Oh My God after three weeks of ghosting, I got an offer.
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  19. Poop boy actually brought LUCK

    Congrats sis
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