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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Maybe of interest.
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  2. I accepted my job offer and told my existing employer not to bother with the counter offer that was being mentioned as they were dragging their feet.

    Given my notice and asked when I can reasonably move to the other company (as it's the same overarching organisation, they want a speedy switch over).

    Told my team, various clients, and other people I work with.

    Now being informed the counter offer is happening anyway and to expect a call from someone higher up.

    Honestly, I'm 50% pissed that they're being reactive rather than proactive about this. I made it clear back in the spring that the company has done too little to keep me interested and I'm actively looking to go. They didn't even respond to my concerns but now I've one foot out the door there's a sudden crisis call!? No ma'am.

    On the other hand, it's flattering I'm obviously of value somewhere in the system.
  3. I kinda think I’m ready to change my job. Kinda anxious about getting started with looking for a different role or place of work but methinks it’s time to start planning my move.
  4. These employers are just… never worth it. If they can suddenly up your pay when you’re leaving they could’ve done it before.
  5. I left my last work place 8 years ago - it’s crazy to think that my pay has doubled during this time. It puts into perspective how good companies are at keeping wages down. It’s a special treatment reserved for competent, docile workers. Loyalty pays… their bonuses.
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  6. Sam


    I had my last day yesterday and I’ve got a whole 10 days before I start my new job. It feels so weird that that isn’t going to be my life anymore, but I’m so excited for what’s next.
  7. Despite my new job being with another company in the same organisation, present employer dug their heels in about letting me leave sooner than the five weeks' notice period, even though I'm sat here most days doing almost nothing.

    This coupled with some pre-booked holiday has delayed my start until September, which is okay.

    They also waved more money in my face to stay but I stuck with my decision on the basis that the workload is eroding at a pace and, lo and behold, the very next day another client bailed.

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  8. I think I’m really ready for a change now. I’ve nearly been at my job for a year and it’s gotten to that point where it’s hard getting out of bed to face it. The people I work with and the job are fine, I work in customs, assisting with trade, admin and data etc - I’m lucky to have a job at all but it’s just not giving me a feeling of purpose.

    We got told we were being made redundant so I started looking for other jobs, I had an interview in communications for this charity, to be a part of the marketing and editorial team. I didn’t get it in then end which is okay, but after that I got told I wasn’t being made redundant and I felt disappointed, I think it’s stirred up this wanting to move on feeling in me.

    So I’m going to wait it out a few more months and then start looking for a more creative job. I’m always happiest when I can create things or write, and I have an English degree and some editorial experience - so fingers crossed I can find what I’m looking for.
  9. My job is really effecting my mental health again, I just wanted to cry and shout yesterday because of my bosses behaviour, and she's being so nit-picky, condescending, and argumentative today as well. I couldn't even make myself cross the road to go into the office today for a good five minutes. I had a job interview yesterday, so I am praying that I was successful because I feel so bleak right now.
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  10. Oyyyy I'm a month from starting and my mentor/manager has resigned, so while they flounder to fill that gap, they're asking if I can work "American hours" for "a few weeks" to onboard me.

    Plus the contract came through with an extra 2.5 weekly hours from somewhere.

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  11. SBK


    This was suggested when I started my first "proper" job. As the main company was in Texas it was suggested I work 2-10pm, which would be fine, if I were at home... but they expected me to travel into London (50+mins train +30min walk) for 2pm, stay in the office by myself from 6pm to 10pm then commute back.

    Thankfully sanity prevailed and the need for my presence in the mornings here was greater.
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  12. My first big job transfer, the first paycheck mysteriously had 20% missing (added to the 2-3 hours plus every day we stayed after 6). When I asked they said 'well you're new, prove yourself first'. The second that happened I called my previous job for a 'hey how are you guys' update and they offered me the same money (without the 25% missing) for less hours and I was outta there in a week dd.
  13. Honestly just say no and make them correct the contract.
  14. The contract has been corrected thankfully - I’m still waiting to find out about this American hours thing.
  15. Why would an employer even do this? Surely it’s the easiest way to make sure someone absolutely hightails it out of a job. I’ll never understand this kind of attitude.
  16. I'm tired.
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  17. I've been interviewing with a company and just got a call to say that my application is on hold while they take other people through to the next stage. They'll be in contact in the next few weeks if they're not suitable.


    Like, the nerve to openly tell me that I'm a spare candidate who will only go through if everyone else is shit. Sadly, it's a company that I'd love to work for and am still holding out hope but my confidence level is shot to pieces.
  18. Dddd the higher-ups have started firefighting as it's been revealed that 4 of the 5 people in my team applied for two jobs at the same sister company. Barn door closed. Horse already moving into a new apartment.

    I'm halfway out the door with one week left, but have an exit/where-did-it-all-go-wrong interview later.
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  19. I just had a third interview for a position I want and the internet was terrible. I tried to call him because both our connections were bad, and then my provider told me I couldn't call them because they were overseas and I need to set that up ugggh. We got through to each other in the end at it was good, but I hope they don't hold the first part against me!
  20. My bestie is in Finance and started looking for jobs like 3-4 weeks ago and she's drowning in job interviews / fast track opportunities already with decent pay increases (like 5 or 6 interviews this week). I really did the wrong thing following my passions at university ddd.
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