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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Any of you girls work in IT? I’m starting a course on Azure in a few days in an effort to get some certifications. I honestly have no idea what I want to focus on but I really want a pay boost & to move on from basic Help Desk support. All these companies are hiring for Cloud stuff so this seems to be the best way to go.
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  2. This has been an ongoing problem for me, and suspect many people have been in a similar situation before - so some advice needed please:

    I’ve been in my job for over three years now, in a “junior” role. There’s 4 of us in the team, but all 3 of the other members have senior job titles (I’m the only junior), and are getting paid a lot more than me, but it’s myself (and another team member) that are continuously being asked to take on large scale projects and also do a lot of ad-hoc tasks, along with our day to day tasks. The problem is, my colleague and I keep flagging that the other two team members are not being asked to do the same amount and seem to be coasting by and not taking a share of the vast range of tasks going on. We keep pushing back or extending the invite to the other two, but always gets dismissed or it becomes awkward on Teams calls.

    Firstly, despite doing everything that’s asked (and more) to gain a lot of experience, I now have a vaster skill set and responsibilities than the two in the senior role, they have no intention of promoting me or reassessing my salary - have raised this a few times now. Secondly, all 4 of us are aligned to do the same job. It’s basically the same role but with different titles and pay. Thirdly, I’ve asked for a job description but due to HR purposes they aren’t willing to disclose what the nature of the senior role is, and therefore cannot pinpoint what I could be doing to try and get myself to that role.

    I’m really stuck as to what to do. I’ve applied for the same job in other firms when it pops up, but it’s quite a niche role. But also because of that I’d be hard to replace.

    I enjoy the role and happy to stay, but also deeply unsatisfied because of what I’ve outlined above. Three years doesn’t seem a long time, but it pains me to keep working more than my peers whilst being paid less. What should I do?
  3. Have you spoken to your HR team about the supposed issues giving you a job spec would present? I work in recruitment and that is some bullshit, these things should be an open book especially where you’ve noted on numerous occasions that it’s a role you intend to move into for your development. Hell, one of the senior team members could leave tomorrow and they’d have to recruit, making the job spec public anyway so that’s a croc hun.

    Speak to HR and a Union representative (if you have one) in the first instance and let us know how you get on.
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  4. Thank you, appreciate the response to this. I’ll be honest, I haven’t spoken to HR again about it recently. I did about 8 months ago, and they fobbed it off with the idea that employees tend to be promoted in the 3-5 year region, and also said that I need to prove worthy of being promoted in my year-end review. (Adding insult to injury, I got an “Exceptional”/highest rating for my last review.)
  5. No problem! I would go back to them to query the specific point about your manager withholding the duties and competencies of the senior role because of ‘HR issues’. If they tell you that it’s not an issue (and I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t) then you can use it to challenge your manager. You can’t prove yourself if they refuse to show you what you should be working towards, on paper.
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  6. If you want promotion fight for it now, don‘t wait for them to come with it.

    I work in HR too and we also try to save money where possible. Plus towards the end of year we ask the bosses to think about next year‘s salary and obviously they won‘t make it much higher. Only if they already had a talk with the team and they agreed to raise it next year.

    So now would be the perfect time to demand things or it could be too late for next year again.

    Ask your boss and tell him/her about your situation. If they don‘t do anything about it go to HR and tell them about it. Ask clearly what you could do to get a senior role and tell them you do the job already. Have some examples ready where you took a bigger role.
  7. There are some firms that struggle to provide a clear progression path for their junior workers. If that were the case, regardless of how well you do, you’ll still struggle to make major strides. That said, if you did get the highest review rating, which is typically reserved for the top 5/10% of the workforce, it does suggest you’re valued.
    I’m not in HR but have led teams over the years. I’ve come across others in your situation. In my humble opinion, there are really two options: identify a sponsor who’s also an opinion maker that can champion you, or continue with your job search. A good job takes about 6/8 months to locate. Invest in that time. Keep networking. It’ll be worth it. It might get difficult but you’re essentially investing in yourself.
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  8. My twin brother gets made redundant today and it's just shit isn't it?!
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  9. Thanks all. Really appreciate the responses, and will take those approaches outlined above - always good to get others insight, especially from HR point of view.
  10. To be honest this gives me red flags; I’d be looking more for a role outside of this team if they don’t value you enough to pay you what you’re worth.
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  11. In a bizarre bookending to my time with my present place, the guy who interviewed me 5 years ago sadly died last week.

    QA is always touted as the next step up from support, which is weird as it seems easier and also really boring.

    My weird American-hours thing has been agreed as two weeks 11.30am - 8pm for the first week and then sliding to regular hours in the second week, which is okay with me. They're also all off for Labor Day on my first day! Haven't even started and I'm living for the chaotic mess it all is.
  12. I sent out two applications this week, wish me luck gurls x
  13. So that one employee everyone has, you know the one who phones it in, is a little bit incompetent/dangerous at their job and has a relationship with a higher up has finally handed his notice in and as someone who was technically his line manager (who he didn’t really listen to) I hope he’s already left so I don’t have to feign surprise or a good luck I don’t really mean

    That was perhaps too horrible?
  14. A more positive post the husband finally has a job after a year of looking after uni

    It’s a call centre which isn’t his dream job but I’m still pleased for/proud of him and rather selfishly it’ll be nice to have a second wage coming in
  15. [​IMG]

    So satisfying to tell my current company I am leaving, and so excited to start my new position! Literally everything is better than my current role so it's a real upgrade
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  16. Both are in review and I hope to hear from them in... September probably.

    But the job here has picked up a lot so I'm quite happy with what I got going for me now, but could always be better.
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  17. Have any of you guys started a job that is completely remotely? I started a new role in June and absolutely hate it, the micromanaging from my boss is also really intense as well as him flying off the handle and making passive aggressive remarks about me being quiet and "not seeming to be enjoying the move" after only three weeks is also making me feel shit. So just trying to differentiate the problems and whether to apply for other remote positions as I need to get out ASAP.
  18. I’ve hired people and switched jobs while everyone has been remote, and it’s not really been a problem at all. Sounds like you have a bad manager.
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  19. SBK


    Yeah, whilst we've been remote our management has been really great. Actually dreading going back to the office now, I get things done a lot quicker at home.
  20. I got a new job during the pandemic and it's been fully remote. I have never met any of my coworkers even after being at the company for 15 months now. It's also the best job I've ever had, so I think you might have a bad situation in your hands, not tied to it being remote.
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