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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. The other perspective: six people joined my team remotely in the last 12 months. We worked hard to ensure they have everything they need - equipment, training, work buddies. We took our time to take into account time zone /cultural differences and went all out to make them feel welcome, giving them a sense of team dynamics, expectations etc. I’m mentoring a couple. They’re doing well. So definitely a case of culture/manager issues. A good organisation will no doubt be demanding, but they also understand it’s in their interest to ensure that you’re equipped for success.
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  2. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, it’s no wonder you’re looking for other positions, being around toxic management and co-workers can feel very intense and anxiety inducing.

    I’d say definitely go for other remote positions if that’s what you want, or try and nip it in the bud before it gets worse. This sounds to me like a case of bad management. For example, when he’s out of office on annual leave, do you feel more relaxed etc? If so then you know it’s down to management and maybe not necessarily it being remote.

    I started a fully remote job nearly a year ago and whilst the job itself is fine and I generally get to manage my own workload, it’s my manager that creates the only stress there is to be found. She’s the same as yours, micromanages, is passive aggressive, tries to pick on people to speak and scolds people for preferring to be quiet. When she’s on annual leave I’m a lot more relaxed, when she is in work I try to limit my contact with her as much as possible. In my weekly performance review I’ve stopped asking how she’s doing, I’m just straight to the point.

    I also feel like depending on your situation and how you feel it could be worthwhile calling him out on his behavior in a really subtle way. Maybe something like - I need you to trust me in how I’m doing my job, as we are working together everyday, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t insinuate x and y’ I said something like this to my picky manager and she straight away backed off from being personal, however she is still annoying. I think I’m just learning that some managers want to prove that they can lead, but go about it in the complete wrong way, ruining the vibe for everyone…instead of literally just speaking to people like normal human beings, which would get them the respect they crave.

    Also, like, I wouldn’t be afraid to report your boss confidentially if it’s really getting to you - no job is worth risking your mental health over for some dickhead with a superiority complex. You’re there to work, not to take the bosses attitude to a point where it starts to feel personal. Also sis, I’d bet a-lot of money that he’s also like this with others too x
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  3. Thank you so so much for taking the time to reply to this, it's given me a really good perspective. As others have also mentioned, I haven't had any onboarding other than a few intro calls in the first week. He recently put in a daily 1-2-1 in every day but even that is just seeing where I am up to with work. I've come from leading and collaborating on projects at my old work place, remotely for a year, to being stifled here creatively and professionally and just feel so unmotivated especially after getting so anxious. It's a very toxic place where people are slagged off on calls behind their backs and the fact I've been exposed to that within the first month also feels very off. I was even blamed for IT not setting me up on the correct drives within my first two weeks of joining so Lord knows what else the new boy is probably being blamed for.
  4. There’s always the possibility that you were a forced hire, or that he’s threatened by you. However, it isn’t constructive focusing on these negative thoughts. Channel your energy into something positive for yourself. You sound smart and level headed. Find a new place that deserves you. X

    If you leave and make it clear it didn’t work because of your team leader, it’ll definitely hurt his KPI. Just sayin…
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  5. SBK


    Yeah does sound like you've just got a bad manager.

    I would go to HR, it might not be the first time they've had complaints against them. Have you had any performance reviews? Ask them if there's any reason he's micromanaging you?
  6. Back to work today after two whole weeks off. It’s the longest stint of annual leave I’ve ever taken at one time. I log in to 400+ emails, most of which are nonsensical and have me included in them “just in case” - why do I need to know that you’re going on lunch and will be back in an hour?!

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  7. I was supposed to be flying out of here to start work again after 18 months of hell on August 27th - at the last minute they've changed the start date to October 10th urgh.

    I had 10 days of farewell partying with various friends, a week of buying/packing, and all of a sudden I'm now hard of cash with over a month until I'm out of here. Thankfully they're giving us two weeks' full pay as compensation.

    At least we've got Steptember, ABBA and a remix album I don't particularly care about to look forward to!
  8. Sam


    I've been in my new job just over a month and I've already got a final interview for a promotion. So surreal but I'm chuffed!
  9. Mark all as read and start afresh. That’s what I do! If any are important they’ll follow them up.
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  10. That’s a good shout! I ended up spending the day working through that damn inbox. So pointless!
  11. Taking extended annual leave always leaves me riddled with anxiety for this very reason, I always feel like the first week or 2 I return is spent playing catch up while everyone shits themselves because you’ve dared take time off. I work with a lot of high level academics and some of them have no concept of patience or that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Like, its not that serious Debra, no one’s going to die.

    At the end of the day you can only do what you can do. It’s easier said than done but it always helps for me to keep a very focused mindset and try not to worry about things that are out-with my control.
  12. This is it!!! I’ve always found taking long stints of leave somehow means when you come back you’re punished with a backlog of work. Like how dare you try and enjoy your life while the rest of us work?! Some of the emails were from students who just kept on emailing me while I was away and not taking the initiative to contact someone else…like I said in my out of office reply; “Hi, I know you’re on leave but I really need an answer to this by the end of today. Get back to me ASAP!”
    Like, fuck all the way off.
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  13. Ive now taken to switching my emails off and blocking my work number when on AL. Fuck em and take the time you need to do you.
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  14. France has successfully implemented time off is time off and they can't be called by work or need to be available after specific hours or something. An inspiration.
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  15. SBK


    Same. My last day before annual leave last month I was meant to be half day but I started early and ended up finishing later, essentially did a whole day doing handover notes and setting things up for my colleagues to action in my absence.

    We had several key projects launching and running so I couldn't just switch off, and I ended up doing a few hours throughout my week off just for peace of mind. That said, there was no pressure from my boss to do this, it was all on me, they would have had someone else do it. I have my clients and projects set up exactly how I need them to be for various things.

    It's sod's law, I've had this week booked with family for over a year and its the same week that seemingly everyone* decides covid is over let's announce a tour/album/both.

    *slight exaggeration but enough to keep me awake all night.

    I did that for my emails but I couldn't find a way to do it on teams without shutting down the whole app.
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  16. I'm on mandate leave tomorrow onwards and it'll be the longest I've ever stepped away from the job since I started back in September 2020. We're not allowed to check emails or messages during this time cause we might be audited but I'm sure some of my petty-ass colleagues and my boss will reach out on Telegram/Whatsapp.

    Anyway, I AM excited about being away from work (from home) for a full week! I have nowhere to go due to half-lockdown but I have my horror films + books ready.

  17. Delete it and reinstall it when you start back.
  18. I kind of like coming back to a load of emails… going through them is a nice, easy, mindless task for my first day back.

    Although saying that, in my current job everything is done on Slack.
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  19. More companies should use Slack to eliminate the time wasted on going thru tonnes of emails and replying to them. Especially when you're following thru a task and convo, a msg on Slack or group msgs in a channel on Slack work wayyyy better.
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  20. I just hate the inability to search or refer back to anything on Slack. It feels like if I miss a message, it’s gone forever. And like group chats, I end up having 50 threads with similar groups of people - with only a 1-2 person difference in each - and can never keep track of which is which.
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