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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. I'm quitting today
  2. There’s a lot of change happening at my work place at the moment. Because of changing ways of working, our team is being asked to work on Saturdays 3 times out of each term which is “okay” as we get that time back and it wasn’t much of a shock tbh.

    But with that said, a colleague in my team is leaving and her last day is today. Also another one of my colleagues in a team I work alongside twice a week is also leaving. They both said the changes in work structure and overall off-vibes at the restructure have soured things for them.

    I’m now weighing up my options. I’ve applied for another role in another department in the same company and have an interview with them on Wednesday. But before I went on holiday in August, I was accepted on a staff development programme which runs for a year and is accredited. It’s a good look to have that on my CV and it would be a shame to lose that chance.

    But I’ve also been in my role for 2 years. I’m comfortable and know my job off the back of my hand. It’s a blessing and a curse because though I’m competent, sometimes I’m bored. I’m hoping this staff development programme can liven things up a bit more for me.

    The role in interviewing for next week is in the same company but different department. I’ve been doing some research and the team seems a bit…stuck in their ways I’d say? I’ve asked colleagues who have also worked in that department and they’ve told me things about certain members. I know it’s all just gossip but it helps to know what’s what.

    I’ll see how the interview on Wednesday goes but I’m undecided if I want to stay or go at this point.
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  3. R92


    I don’t know how I can do another two years of this job so I can get indefinite leave to remain. It’s just so soul- and time-draining, and it just feels like the company culture is as exploitative and toxic as it can get in my industry, but I feel like the visa situation is making this way more complicated than being able to just leave.
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  4. I just noticed that today marks my one year anniversary at this job. I only went to the office three times and I’ve been working from home since I joined.

    Time flies by, so quickly!
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  5. Just found about this, any Googler in here? I'm in the Madrid offices.
  6. I'm nearly at the end of week 3. Things are a bit shambolic - I got literally one week of onboarding and then pretty much pushed out of the nest. In a way I'm content that I can kind of attribute any issues to that lack of training infrastructure rather than (totally) my own failures, but it's definitely weird.

    Everyone else being across an ocean means I'm pretty much entirely alone 9am - 1pm, then lunch, then what remains of the day trying to work stuff out with some assistance. It's a really, really odd routine.

    How did this go?
  7. I applied for a different role in my company the other week and interviewed for it on Weds. They said they’d let the suddenly candidate know by today AM, so I’m taking that as a hint that I didn't get it. I’m a bit gutted as it was a pay increase and was a role I could have been super good at. I think the way they phrased some of the Q’s threw me off a lot so I didn’t give my best examples when answering. Ugh.

    I spoke to my current manager and she said she’ll help me practice for future interviews. Even she can tell I’m ready to move on, so she’s happy to help which is a blessing.

    Guess I’m spending this weekend doing more applications!
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  8. I know it‘s sad when you don‘t get the job but as you already said: Take it as a learning chance to practise for future interviews to improve your chances.
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  9. Hi, it couldn't have gone better! I'm leaving because I just got a better job.

    I've spend almost 4 years at the current place and they were pretty devastated that I gave them notice. They've made it perfectly clear that I can comeback anytime, so that's nice.
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  10. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Had a personal emergency on Thursday morning and had to abandon work at short notice and take Friday off as well, and my current boss couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. I keep thinking about how lucky I am to be in a good situation compared to a couple of years ago when I was miserable with the manager I had at the time, who would have been up my arse making me take time off as holidays or working overtime at the weekend to make back time.
  11. Yeah absolutely. Definitely want to be in a different job by the end of the year and with my manager actively helping me with that, I feel good that it could happen.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I don't mind my current job at the moment, but it essentially is just a job to have a job. There's really no moving up within the company, at least in this office, and the pay really isn't great especially since there usually isn't any overtime to take advantage of.

    I'm currently looking for a new job because I reached the six month point at this job already, which is my first "professional" out of college work experience. Hopefully, the next one is something more in line with my degree while also being at least somewhat challenging.

    In all honesty, I still don't really know what I want to do with my life or what kind of job I aspire to have in the future. I eventually want to go back to school to get my Masters but I don't really know what I would get it for other than that I have no interest in getting a MBA.
  13. Gotta love when you finally get the confidence to ring up a recruiter after not even getting so much as a phone screening from workplaces for over a month, only for them to more or less say "sorry, can't help you"
  14. I got some tea from the interview I had last week because my company is so gossipy!

    But yeah it turns out that they already had someone in mind for the role before it even went up on the jobs board on the website.. and yes it was someone that the interviewing panel knew already. So basically anyone else who applied for the role was never going to get it anyway. It kinda checks out because the closing date for the job application was brought forward by an entire week…methinks once they got the application they needed they we’re happy to close the job to further applicants.

    I’m super annoyed because it just feels like a big massive waste of my time. Ugh.
  15. I honestly can’t believe how good I feel since I switched jobs. It’s only been just under two weeks but I feel refreshed. My stress levels are way down, I’m eating and sleeping better. Being treated like a human being really does wonders fff
  16. I start my new job as a digital marketing assistant next month, yayy!
  17. 80% of all jobs advertised haha.
  18. It’s so jarring!!!
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  19. This happens dishearteningly often! I had 3 interviews last month for internal positions, two of which were in my old department and I found out that they’d basically preselected two people who had been in the organisation longer than me but had no/less managerial experience than I had.

    Jokes on them anyway, I got the 3rd job which wasn’t a managerial position but came with a hefty pay rise (even heftier than I first thought and more than either of the other positions, my salary has nearly doubled dd). It does mean going back to the office and having to work one weekend every month but it still is the best possible outcome I think!
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  20. This Friday marks 2 years at my current job and how am I celebrating? By handing in my notice. I don’t have anything lined up atm but I've had ENOUGH!
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