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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. From being burnt out and considering a total career/industry change a few short weeks ago, I've somehow scammed my way to a £10K pay rise with my current employer, a permanent contract, guarantee of promotion and a switch to a new, less intense project by the new year (with training toward that between now and then), not to mention three job offers from other companies, I-


    Additionally, my manager and her manager, the head of the department (with whom I have a good relationship) have been really sympathetic and responsive about my mental and emotional health difficulties... sadly, I know all too well that support like that is difficult to get (not everyone has that, etc.).

    Forgive me for feeling my oats so shamelessly with the above but an outcome like this was totally beyond imagination for me until very recently. I've been so used to downplaying my own skills and experience and thinking that I couldn't cut it, that certain professional opportunities were not for someone like me, that'd I'd be at the same level for the rest of my career because that was all I was ever capable of, etc.

  2. You glide outta there like the closing shot of an 80s movie please.

    In your favour, I think it really is a comparably good time to look around, a lot of places are gagging for staff. I'm getting a lot of LinkedIn propositions lately.
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  3. I'm not sure how common this is but the idea of leaving my job pretty much terrifies me. As jobs go it's not terrible and I pretty much have the most caring/supportive boss I could ask for. So I often plod along quite happily but there's always been this nagging feeling that I could be doing something more satisfying and that I have more of an interest in. I often look at Masters degrees and think about taking the leap. But it's such a risky thing to do. Leaving my job and returning to studying, and not being guaranteed a job at the end of it.
  4. I have been looking for a job for 3 months now but to no avail. I have gone on to 3 final stage interviews; I didn't get an offer from one. Another pretty much ghosted me, though to be fair I was not very keen on that one. What I am really annoyed by is this well known streaming/social media app. It's been about 3 weeks since my onsite interview and every time I chased them they said they are still "interviewing other people" and they kept postponing the decision date by a week each time. I have since stopped chasing, trying to move on but then the recruiter emailed again yesterday saying please be patient, it is very close and we will decide soon. Like wtf? Perhaps I am like the 4th choice candidate or something, and they have been rejected by their 1st & 2nd candidates and they are waiting for their 3rd to accept/reject?

    This whole process is draining and I am back at square one having first stage interviews (out of 3/4!) for a number of roles. I am fortunate to even have a job and while I am so bored and genuinely want to seek fresh challenges, it is a such hit to my self esteem failing to get a job.
  5. I’ve been interviewing with a company and am now at stage 4 of 5. Frustratingly, throughout the whole process they’ve side stepped any questions I’ve had about the salary. It’s always “oh the next person will discuss that with you”. I did say when I applied how much I’d accept as a minimum.

    This morning they’ve emailed over the Zoom invite for the final interview, with a salary. And it’s way way below what I’d asked for. I could understand if it was a small company but it’s one of the biggest media/film companies in the world.

    Im really pissed off at the time wasted and the undervaluing of potential staff.
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  6. Send them a clear justification of the salary you want, why you deserve it and why you won’t accept any less. Even push the figure a bit higher so that if their counter offer is lower it still aligns with your own expectations.

    Companies will often go in with the lowest possible offer and hope that people just accept it, even if it’s been discussed or suggested previously. But if they want you enough and it’s within the scale for the role, they’ll be open to discussion
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  7. I’m finally handing in my 4 week notice this afternoon! I planned to do this 10 days ago but chickened out at the final moment, but today I AM READY.

    I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in 2 years because of Covid and we were talking about our jobs. I realised then that I don’t want to become that person who moans and complains about their job and does nothing about it. I’m in a very privileged position where I can afford to not work for a month or so, and I don’t know when I’ll ever get this same level of ease, ya know?

    I’m scared. I’m nervous. But I gotta claim back my peace!
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  8. THE EMAIL HAS BEEN SENT!!!! Final working day is 12th November as I am on leave on what would be the fourth and final week of my notice. I feel excited, scared but also relieved. I’ve been in this role for 2 years and now is the right time to both have a break and look for a new challenge.
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  9. I've been kind of unhappy at my current restaurant for awhile. They are overscheduling me (nine shifts from Wed-Sunday this week), not listening when I bring up any concerns on my shifts (I work behind the bar on Thursdays by myself, have been so busy numerous times that I cannot make all the drinks for the servers and get to my guests/make their drinks and receive no help from management so I lose out on a ton of money by looking 'not present' at my own tables) and just the general quality of the restaurant, the training, the food, etc. seems to be going downhill in order to save money coming out of the owner's pocket.

    I've put in a number of applications yesterday and the day before and I'm so excited by some of the prospects I've heard back from. One being an upscale establishment in Rice Village (very rich neighborhood in Houston). The menu looks good, high price point, Oysters, caviar, expensive steaks, etc.. I was looking at the website, noticed a name of one of the managers that I'm familiar with and, come to find out, he's married to someone I used to work with and I served him and their young son numerous times at that old job. I'm hoping that means I have a foot in the door and get the job.

    Another spot is definitely a busy bar/kind of restaurant. Not super expensive, caters to people being able to take their dogs out with them. My issue with that is with the colder months coming up, I don't know how busy that place will be but I know it'll be a lot easier of a job than the expensive place.

    I know I'm kind of counting my chickens before they hatch with both establishments but if I do get offered a job at either place, I think I'd have to go with the upscale restaurant, with the holiday season approaching.
  10. Just popping in to say job hunting is still soul destroying.
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  11. So I got the job at the really nice place! I was going to talk to my current GM tonight but by the time I left, she was drunk so... gotta wait until tomorrow.
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  12. OK but you should also try writing, your posts were very well written. The suspense!
  13. A bit of an update! I handed my notice in on Monday as we all know. I then received an email from the HR dpt telling me that the panel that interviewed me for that role I didn’t get a few weeks back (because they already had someone else in mind) had put my name forward for another role in a different department because they thought I’d be good at it. They asked to interview me today in the morning so just for the sake of it I went along (via Teams) and felt like I did okay given the such short notice. The job itself was super interesting and not something I would have thought I could even apply for. But I went in with no expectations because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

    Fast forward to later this afternoon and they only go and offer me the job. It’s a pay rise and a different challenge for me (something I wanted and the main reasons I was leaving). So yeah, I’m staying with the company, just working in a different department in an entirely different space. My last day at my current place is still the 15th November and then I start the new role on the 22nd.

    I don’t know what to think or how to feel? But I feel a huge relief off my shoulders and a tinge of excitement at what’s next.
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