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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. You should def say something to her on Monday. Tell her exactly those examples and how you felt then. What can you really lose? Either she changes or you walk. I know you said you are shy about these things but you also said it‘s your dream job, so fight for it.

    If you just quit the job you might put the next person in a similiar situation there and nothing will ever change.

    As I work in HR I always ask people why they leave the job and many times it‘s about bad communication or no communication at all.

    If she doesn‘t change her behavior after the talk you can still go to HR and complain. But it‘s best if you have that first talk on your own with her.
  2. A new colleague of mine is trying to get me to use a software program I don't want to... Another tool to track you say?

  3. Are you working at Runway!?
  4. Tell her to fuck off.
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  5. I had a bit of a panic attack today while getting ready to go in to train at my new job. I don't think I can handle it, lots of pressure and stress and I was constantly feeling judged by the management. Didn't help that most of the male staff was being kind of creepy toward me. So I can't go back there. The amount of money I spent on stuff for that place too; ridiculous. I'm at least getting my money back on the $90 pair of shoes.
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  6. So after a couple of months of applying for jobs, today I have my first phone screening with an employer (rather than a recruiter) since I moved to the U.K. I hope it goes well and I get a job soon—I’ve been so stressed and preoccupied with finding a job that I literally don’t have a proper sleep schedule anymore.
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  7. I'm feeling a bit gutted. I've been working at a museum this year since we able to re-open after lockdown. We had four positions advertised internally (which is the first time in several years they've taken on any new staff). I applied for three of the positions. I've worked my ass off this year and taken on additional responsibility at every opportunity. Anyway, I didn't get any of the jobs and my contract ends on Sunday. I'm absolutely gutted as I love working there and my colleagues are a fantastic bunch. They say it was judged on interview scores but seeing who got the jobs, I can see it's one of the managers just playing favourites which makes it that bit more hurtful to me. I can move to a casual contract from Sunday, so its not the end of everything. Several of my colleagues were shocked I didn't get a job. Back to the drawing board, I guess!
  8. Update on this—my phone screening went well!! They’re passing my CV onto the person who I would report to if I got hired, so fingers crossed!
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  9. So most of my leads have gone quiet on me ddd. I have some new leads but I’m still having trouble. Getting into HR is tough.
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  10. Tomorrow is my very last day at my current role. Then I have a week off, then start my new job. I’m staying with the same company but just moving department essentially. But still, I’m weirdly sad about leaving.

    I’ve always struggled to find good, safe working environments. I’ve felt so welcome in this team and this has been my longest job…ever. I’ve made some real good friends in the job and it’s good I’m not leaving on bad terms. My manager has been a godsend and is big on mental check ins and making sure our sanity is in check. Very rare!

    I’m still low key anxious about my new jobs but that’s just down to new job jitters. Here’s hoping for the best!
  11. So I did AR when I still lived in the states and about a month ago a recruiter reached out to me for an AR job in a nearby town. Now, I’ve been looking for a career change into HR, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to send over my CV. I need a job after all! So, I sent my CV, and didn’t hear anything for about a month. Then at 7pm tonight, I got a call from that recruiter. I have an interview with the company’s CFO on Monday! I’m so excited. The company’s work culture seems great and, even if it’s not 100% what I’d ideally like right now, I think it’d be good experience to have if I were to get the job.
  12. It's still strange for me to switch to freelancing. When I used to work at an agency, at least I wasn't the one who had to look for clients. Now that I have to do this job all by myself, I'm struggling quite a bit. First, because I've kind of switched areas so I'm still a beginner at what I'm doing now and I don't have much confidence. Second, I'm totally failing so far. I'm basically sending e-mails to agencies every day saying "hi please hire me I'm desperate!!!!!" (but in a formal, structured way, of course), and I still haven't been contacted for a test.

    At this point, I'm just doing some voluntary work to get some experience (and because I like it) as I still live with my parents and they pay almost all the bills, so I don't have to worry that much financially speaking. However, I'm planning to enroll in a master's next year and then I will have to earn some money in order to pay the fees. The clock is ticking, I am anxious and desperate.

    If you ever need to translate anything to Brazilian Portuguese, please contact me. x
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  13. Was it not possible to continue working on an agency and also doing Freelance on the side (till that takes off and you could then let go of the 9 to 5 job)? This is what I did (okay it was twenty years ago but still, dd) I started taking graphic design work to do after hours at work, then got my own PC at home, which led in time to a lot of personal clients (I also stole some from the ad agency, sorry!) and the work eventually got so much I had to start my own business with an office etc. I also did a lot of free stuff when I stared out too but do not let anyone take advantage!
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  14. Not really. I forgot to mention it but I got the sack when the pandemic started because ~the company was too small and we had to fire 90% of the personnel to survive. So I've been unemployed since March of 2020.
  15. Whew! Today was emotional. Saying goodbye to some truly great people at my workplace was a lot. Plus, they got me Britney themed leaving gifts and today of all days - it was just A LOT! Emotions are all over the shop. It’s just nice to know I was appreciated and valued where I worked. That’s a new feeling for me. Gahhh!
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  16. Any HR or L&D people also hating their way through a CIPD qualification?
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  17. SIS. I’m 3/4 of the way through a Master’s / level 7 and the way my motivation has absolutely vanished the last month. I’ll get through it but my god it’s brutal.
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  18. Same! I was so motivated when I started it and it’s really unlike me but I couldn’t care less any more.
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  19. Has anyone ever had to take long term sick leave? I’ve been off since Monday with severe back pain (I can’t even walk at the moment) and just got a week’s sick note. Not only do I feel guilty about it but I keep having this anxious catastrophising- what if I get sacked or forced out? I’m on a high wage so if I need to take any more time off, my absence will be an unnecessary strain. I’m a year into paying off a mortgage and keep worrying I’ll lose my job and not be able to pay it. In between icing and heating my back, I’ve genuinely made a plan B of moving in with my boyfriend’s family in case I lose my standing in the workplace. My boss has been okay about it (she’s texted me twice) whereas a colleague I’m really close to simply said “For fuck sake!” when I let her know about the sick note.
  20. Look up your rights now. There are certain rules to protect employees who have longtime sickness, depending on your country’s employment, union or workplace regulations. Also check in with someone who knows legal things if they ever want to make you sign something.
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