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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Your story made my day. I’ve been on the other side of the situation many times, so to speak, interviewing way too many people to fill a role. Most of the time, the candidates are ok-ish and it usually boils down to fit and team dynamics, less so abilities. Then you meet one that makes you go, gosh, can you start yesterday already? I think that’s what happened. It’s a great start! In my experience, these are usually the best hires. I’m excited for you, and wish you all the best!
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  2. I had to reschedule an interview today, due to work commitments, and sent a polite email to the in-house recruiter asking if we can rearrange. He’s replied saying he doesn’t want to waste peoples time if I’m not interested and that I should be transparent with them.

    How do I say I’m interested but also tell him how rude that is? I want to interview as it’s an incredible company but am completely thrown by how abrasive he’s being.
  3. If you're interested in getting the job, then I wouldn't call him out at all. Recruiters can be totally incompetent and I wouldn't say they're necessarily a reflection on how your life would be in that job.
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  4. You're absolutely right. I’ve sent a simple reply to say yes, and then will complain once the process is over!
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  5. Today marks 4 months in my new job and I still have zero clue if I'm any good at it. I asked if I was ever getting any kind of appraisal or one-to-one and was told to book one in at will.

    I hope I'm safe to assume that they would've spoken to me if I sucked at it. There's still tons I do not remotely understand.
  6. It looks like my workplace is going to offer me a couple of roles that I could transition into on a permanent contract once my current project based role ends.

    This would be great as having to interview to get a role to stay within the wider team… I am a disaster when it comes to the interview process.
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  7. The moment when you realised that you’ve not been paranoid all this time and are indeed a walking target for one of your frenemies at work…
    I’m too old for this, honestly. Politicking over someone else’s insecurities is so childish. #facepalm
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  8. Me noticing I waste my time looking at social feeds or other semi-relevant news sites...
    Better block those so I can spend my working hours here instead, which makes me happier.
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  9. Today I woke up tired of this student/unemployed life and spent my morning sending my CV to everything and everywhere I could think of. Schools, supermarkets, hotels, tourism offices, hospitals, dental clinics... I'm bored, someone please hire me.

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  10. The corporate workplace is a weird place to be right now. I'm not convinced anyone outside of someone doing an actual processing role (ie. a real job which deserves a lot more credit/pay) has done any actual work since about late-September.

    I mean I get it's January but there's just sense a palpable sense of malaise here in Melbourne anyway.
  11. Me finally opening up to my line manager about my toxic, emotionally abusive supervisor (who I've been working with on-and-off for 4/5 years) -

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  12. Not me and my colleague getting some tea from the meeting that management forgot to put on private.
    I will be putting in a lot of effort to make sure I'll be happy with what's coming up...
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  13. Oh do elaborate!
  14. I left a role to join a more established company and I fear I made a huge mistake. Nobody cannot do anything right for the management at this new place. You are constantly berated, talked down to and generally told that you’re garbage. If you do something incorrectly you are never told the correct way to do it. I got screamed at by management for the smallest crease in my uniform. I literally had to squint to see it.

    This week they sent me a text to tell me they were not going to be able to give me any hours for the foreseeable and that if I wanted to go back to my old job there would be no hard feelings. They genuinely think that you can simply return to an old job like you’ve never left. They are staggeringly out of touch.

    So now I’ve got to hit the job hunting again while balancing a full time postgraduate degree and slowly worsening mental health. I’m honestly fucking exhausted.
  15. Could you join a union and put in a formal complaint?
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  16. Is there anyone you feel comfortable reporting a grievance to? A HR department perhaps? I mean getting screamed at, given no hours, and sort of suggesting you go back to your old job. Sounds like a case for constructive dismissal if you ended up leaving to be honest.
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  17. Unfortunately there isn’t a HR department. I work for a small business ran by a married couple and I already tried to speak to them about how their conduct was making me feel but I was essentially told I was overthinking things.
  18. R92


    Running into a frustrating situation at work at the moment. I've been on and off this one project for the past five or six months, and I've felt largely sidelined the entire time I've been on it. Compared to other projects I've been on, I've just felt like I haven't been given the opportunity to have the responsibilities that someone with my experience could have. It's tough because I was a later addition to the team, so I understand that not a ton of the managers really knew my experience, but I feel like I haven't been given any opportunities to really prove myself or even advocate for my experience. It's a general issue at my company, considering that people often bounce around different projects with different teams, but usually you're working under a specific partner who should know your work experience and skillset better.

    We were brought back onto the project this week with a reduced team, and my hope was that having less people around, I'd be able to feel less sidelined. However, it's still felt like I've been given less opportunities than the rest of the team, and the associate partner who's running this has a habit of bulldozing through conversations and not really letting anyone get a word in edgewise; every time we try to suggest a reasoning for something, he tells us to just follow what he's saying. We had a team meeting where I was pretty quiet and not engaging as much due to me not having many opportunities to engage, and then he comes by after to talk. It turns out that the partner had recommended me to lead the development of one of the options, but then the associate partner decided after the fact to give both options to another coworker because she was more familiar with the development and he hadn't worked with me and therefore didn't know what my experience was. It just hurts because the partner seemed to advocate for my skills, but because this one mid-level manager didn't just ask about my experience or skill set, I'm being shut out of an opportunity to do more. He told me I was in charge of another portion, but that portion has been worked on by someone else for a while and it feels shitty to try to step in and extert too much control on that.

    I mostly just feel like I'm being put in a position where I can't really say anything, lest I rock the boat. My performance review with the partner is in two weeks so I'm wondering if I hold onto my issues for now and wait to bring it up then, or if I say something sooner (and then appear like I'm sulking or inflexible or something).
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  20. But… would you have to go near Ed Sheeran?
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