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The Worst Witch

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dee91, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Based on the Jill Murphy books for children. Follows adventures of Mildred Hubble at the Cackle's Academy. The first version was a 1986 TV movie starring Diana Rigg, Tim Curry and Charlotte Rae among others. Then a widely popular and known version that aired from 1998 to 2001 with Georgina Sherrington, Felicity Jones (yes, Ethel is an Oscar nominee now), brilliant Kate Duchene as Miss Constance Hardbroom, Una Stubbs as Miss Bat (in her pre-Sherlock days), Claire Porter as Miss Drill, Clare Coulter as Miss Cackle. Followed by a failed 2001 spin-off called Weirdsister College that only lasted 13 episodes.

    The New Worst Witch was filmed in 2005/2006 but only Clare Coulter as Miss Cackle returned, Miss Hardbroom was replaced because Kate declined to return, she had another job. Original Mildred Hubble had only a short cameo and the show centered on her cousin Hettie (meh). There is also a new Netflix show with updated special effects, bigger budget and different actors. I watched some episodes but they are too children oriented.

    This was my fave version, the staff room shenanigans were the best thing about it. And I'm sure that Miss Hardbroom was a closeted lesbian. Kate Duchene was wonderful in this part, it's a shame she isn't more known as an actress (she is a theater royalty). The nostalgia is so strong when it comes to this show. So many of us grew up with it. It's a shame they have never properly wrapped the original with the original actors.
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  2. I loved the books and the 80s film, I'm sure JK got inspiration from Jill for Harry Potter.

    Never watched the series but now I want to.
  3. You absolutely won't regret it. The teachers are worth it.
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  4. How could you forget a young Fairuza Balk as Mildred?! Diana Rigg made for such a glamorous (perhaps too glamorous?) Hardbroom.

    And the musical numbers were all complete bops:

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  5. "....of what matters that do not concern you!!"

    I love Diana in this. Young Fairuza, Mrs. Garrett eating scenery left and right, Tim doing the most, the girls lusting after him and the brilliant CGI and effects! Such a favorite!

    "Growing up isn't easy!" Such the memories!
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  6. The 1998-2001 adaptation is the best one and is fundamental to my childhood. Most faithful to the books, excellent casting and generally expanded the series in a faithful way.

    The recent CBBC/Netflix version is just too childish and deviates quite a bit from the source material

    The 1980s version is "hilariously bad, it's good". The hilariously bad green screen and random karaoke backgrounds during Tim Curry's song. Nostalgia Chick/Lindsay Ellis did an excellent overview of it.

    "She cheated, she cheated!!!"
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  7. I have nothing else to add.

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  8. God I used to love this show. Never read the books though.
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  9. For all the 1998 series fans, just noticed on the Georgina Sherrington's Instagram for earlier in the year.

    Heart warming to know that Mildred, Ethel, V2, Drusilla and Sybil (?) supporting each other.

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