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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. I think it's safe to say Simon and Cheryl are back, I just hope it isn't months of dragging out who the host and other judges are.

    I personally think 3 judges is the way to go, ideally someone like Robbie who would bring some energy and fun to the show.

    If they can't secure Robbie and want to stick with a 4 panel of judges, I quite like the idea of a couple of success stories, slim pickings, but my picks would be Leona and Olly alongside Simon and Cheryl. Oh and bring back room auditions.
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  2. After a month off, The X Factor hype machine starts up again.

    I get why they do it but I think it would be really beneficial to the show if it wasn't in the press for 11mths of the year. People need to miss a programme for it to come back strong. Constant stories of "who's judging?" do the show no favours.
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  3. Totally agree.
    It's only February, I don't want X-Factor all over the headlines already.

    Nice clickbait @Veritaserum, sure Nick has gone but nothing else has been confirmed. It's all based on 'unquoted sources'. Hate clickbait articles like that.
  4. The same Sun article that broke the news about Nick leaving (which turned out to be true just hours later) said that Caroline was off and that Louis and Louis were in. Take from that what you will.

    That Digital Spy article initially announced that Caroline was leaving as if it were fact, but it's since been edited.
  5. Caroline was the best thing about last series so fuck this!
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  6. Can we rename this thread please, removing the rumours.

    Caroline leaving and the addition of Louis are only rumours. This is Popjustice, not Digital Spy.
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  7. Edited. Let's try and keep discussion titles clean and uniform please.
  8. Yes but editing an old, inactive thread that hardly had any discussion in it seems churlish.

    This thread will probably become very active - so let's make it look nice.
  9. Surely Rita will be back? She was popular enough and she'll need something to keep her in the public eye until she finally releases her second album.

    A panel of Simon, Cheryl, Louis and Louis sounds ghastly.
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  10. She came out recently saying that The Voice and The X Factor both wanted her.

    God knows whether this is true but, given Simon's ego, I think he'd be offended by the mere notion that Rita would go on the record about considering any other show. Wouldn't be surprised if she's off.
  11. If they are sticking to 4 judges, it'll definitely be 2 girls, 2 boys. They need a second female judge so they can pedal the fashion wars during live shows.
  12. Edu


    I thought this was getting cancelled...
  13. Bring back Konnie Huq!
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  14. It'll be a shame to see Caroline go if she does indeed leave, but if I was in the position she's rumoured to be in I'd definitely go with Chicago over X Factor. I think Nick saw the writing was on the wall for him and was sensible enough to see the series hadn't done him any favours, so he's jumped before he was pushed. He's great on the breakfast show but X Factor just didn't work for him.

    The best thing for the show would be a media blackout until the summer when the filmed auditions start. Make an announcement of the judging panel and then shut up again until August when they can begin hyping the series/ format changes (which I feel are essential, the show has been stale for the past five years at least).
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  15. Yeah I agree about there being a media blackout. No speculative stories given to the press, just wait until every judge and presenter is tied in and make one press release and leave it at that.

    This year skip the auditions red carpet the judges do in each city, no interviews during the audition either, no photo released of the judges sitting at the desk for the first time, perhaps even a social media ban about the show by everyone involved, obviously they can continuing using it just don't speak about the show. Try and create some anticipation for it by being completely mysterious and help create intrigue from the casual viewer.

    Nothing about it should be revealed until the first trailer drops early August and everything should feel/look/sound different, if Simon for the third year on the trot says they are making huge changes but nothing materialises then they deserve to flop.

    Though we all know they will do the complete opposite of this post, we are going to be saturated in X Factor by the time the auditions come around.
  16. If Louis 'charisma vacuum' Tomlinson is on the judging panel I might have to take a year off X Factor. He's simply unbearable.

    If they got Robbie it might be enough to give the show a new lease of life. He'd be amazing on it.
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  17. Well I think we all know Olly will be going. "Touring commitments" I expect.

    Hate to say it but Grimmy would probably be a good presenter for it.
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