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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. I know this has nothing to do with The X Factor 2016, but I just wanted to enjoy the fact that Gary's new show is dropping viewers and had less than X Factor overall.
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  2. Oh bless him for trying

    He's rumoured to be signing a publishing deal, given he seems to want to be a writer rather than a recording artist, doing these dates seems a bit odd but maybe he's hoping to make a bit of quick cash.
  3. The song Sada Vidoo hopes to represent Denmark with in this year's Eurovision is now out:

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  4. First night of the tour. Interesting set list, lots of pairing up of acts for duets and stuff e.g. 4oD and 5AM.

    Saara just did Enough is Enough with Emily and Sam as her backing dancers. Which one is the Michelle?

    Earlier she flew around the Arena on a harness singing Oh So Quiet.

    Honey G giving it big licks like a Queen.
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  5. They were singing too...delete it all.
  6. Omg Emily and Ryan duetted Wings. Boke.

    Sam honking her way through Earth Song I see....
  7. Sada Vidoo's Eurovision track Northern Lights is now on Spotify, iTunes etc...
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  8. YES LAD actually got signed?! There's an album coming??! Howling at this mess of a video.

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  9. K94


    I lost it at the dance scenes. Not sure why labels are still trying to sign mediocre boybands when that era is long gone.
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  10. I know it's shallow but why are they all so ugly?
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  11. The most important part of a boyband and they can't even get that right.

    At least Union J were pretty.
  12. Two questions: what the hell did I just watch? and why does one of them remind me so painfully of Christopher Maloney?
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  14. Saara has always been the real Queen of the season. Matt was overshadowed by Nicole during his best performance, the rest of the show he was in Queen Saara's shadow.
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  15. If it wasn't for Nicole absolutely owning the "duet", and 5AM having about 3 duet partners pull out, Matt would have come third and not even have a deal.
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  16. Which would have been the better and fairer ending of the story.
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  17. Seems the tabloid's are happy to run with the narrative that Saara Aalto was the real winner of last season, and that's before either have started on their campaigns. Only talent I guess.
  18. I'm confused. The Sun is happy at the failure of a straight white male over a Finnish Lady and a band made up of black males. What is going on with the world?
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