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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Justice. It's called Justice.
  2. This makes me want there to be a drag-tastic boyband called Yas Kween.
  3. Saara's "book" is out in Finland. Based on some garbled article translations sounds like it has some interesting behind the scenes stuff from each week e.g. her songs being switched late, her not originally planning on singing Chandelier for her judges audition but being made to by the producers etc...

    Out in English in the summer
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  5. Queen of Rap Honey G is back this week with a new single, "Hit You With The Honey G".

  6. Relley C released a track 'Unruly' a few weeks ago. It's not bad.
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  7. I still feel uneasy about how Relley she was treated last season. She could should have been in that final with Saara.
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  8. Well, she was given the best 1st week VT in history, the new SyCo staple "Shackles" and the idiot public didn't vote her into the Top 3. Unfortunately, it's understandable that she was sidelined from Week 2 onwards.

    She was my favourite though.
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  9. After week one, I really thought she was going to win it. Great personality, strong voice and with Shackles, she proved to be a brilliant performer. She could have been a Alexandra Burke style underdog, even down to having the comeback backstory. As you say, her VT was extremely positive so it seemed like the producers were behind her. I think she did well enough in the voting that first week for someone that was barely featured in the series up to that point. Everything still seemed to be on track on the second week too. It was that third week when they styled her 10 years older than her age and gave her the exact same performance as the week before that I knew they'd changed their minds. Despite Nicole saying Relley was her performance of the night, she voted her out against that bland girl band (literally can't remember their name). It didn't make sense and it's the most upset I've felt about a result on the show, possibly ever. Luckily Saara was still there to make the show worthwhile, but in another universe it should have been Saara and Relley making it to the end giving us the best final in a long time.
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  10. There were way more tragic bottom 2 pairings and decisions over the years than this one.
  11. We've all seen this, yes?

    Iconic indeed.
  12. Where is Saara's lead single though??
  13. I noticed they've removed all the live show performances from Spotify. Not a huge loss but I did enjoy 5AM's performances.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Brothers and Sisters,

    The Queen is coming.
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  15. Excuse me, where can I download the music from the X Factor 2016, please? Weren't the performances only released on Spotify?
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