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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Looking back this was actually one of the better seasons we've had since the "glory days" (2008 - 2010).

    5 After Midnight were probably one of my favourite acts ever and they, along with Sara (a fantastic underdog and it was exciting watching her popularity increase every week) were very worthy finalists. Honey G got alot of people talking and had some sort of cultural impact and was a great novelty character, the panel had great chemistry and there were some other decent contestants (Gifty and Relley C) plus some big named guest performances (Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Kylie, GaGa, OneRepublic and of course that legendary Shout Out To My Ex comeback by Little Mix).

    Sadly I think it was probably the last decent season the show will ever have.
  2. Was this the first season the music from the Live Shows wasn't released on iTunes, but on Spotify?
  3. Gifty finally has an EP available to pre order
  4. Posted a video in the wrong thread somehow RIP.

    ... My only memory of X Factor 13 is all my elderly relatives being angry about Honey on Facebook.
  5. Happy 4th birthday to one of the greatest XFactor performances

  6. Saara's run from not even making it to the live shows to becoming the runner-up was fantastic, only made better by her extreme reactions to being announced safe. This season was a favorite of mine.
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  7. Saara was my favourite contestant ever after Ruth Lorenzo. It's nearly time that we can start playing this bop again too

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