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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. I think the Scottish vote is probably doing a lot for Ryan. Louis badgering on about how "everyone in INSERT PLACE NAME is VOTING FOR YOU!" might be tedious, but it's no less accurate for that - witness the unspeakably awful McDonald Brothers finishing in fourth place.

    (Irrelevant side note: my mum taught Ryan at school and apparently he was an insufferable gobshite even then.)
  2. The irony is...that the Lifeline Vote being App-only is clearly an attempt to reduce the influence older voters have on the programme and keep younger, marketable pop stars in the contest. (Which in itself is a way of balancing the racism the older vote).

    What they haven't reckoned with is the power of the teenage girl vote constantly saving keeping
    a contestant that the judges, producers and Simon in particularly can't abide.
  3. The weirdest part is that the Scottish vote is doing sweet FA until the Lifeline vote...
  4. Gifty doing This Girl at Judges Houses was the best performance of the series and it's a shame Simon didn't try and push her further. I don't get the Fifth Harmony thing. Sam would've sold that song a lot better than Gifty would've.
  5. This is a very valid point. 100% spot on.

    Furthermore, there's an expectation that they should remain quiet, humble and grateful at all times. Anything less and you're pushed into a certain stereotype of Black women being "difficult", it's very frustrating. When you're Black you have to play the game to "make it" so to speak. Beyonce is someone who mastered this perfectly.
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  6. Watching the show last night did make me think of how many contestants have been so annoyed at being voted off, they could barely speak. I can remember Paul Akister and Nicolo Festa.
  7. Simon being shady af making Gifty sing all those 5H songs to get dem royalties
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Both of those were travesties to be fair.
  10. Anybody that doesn't think the viewing public are endemically racist, should have a read of this:

    This is particularly true: 'there are three things that black woman must to do be successful on reality television. The first is that they must show gratitude, the second is that the viewer must be able to sympathise with them and the third is that they must have a strong work ethic'.

    The wig last week was a concerted effort to make Gifty palatable to a white, western audience (not dissimilar to what they did with Rachel Adedeji in her year). And whilst X Factor were probably just trying to give her a helping hand, it's pretty disgusting that in 2016 that has to happen.

    I don't think the producers are racist at all. BUT they don't seem to realise how much the level of producer manipulation is harming their own brand. For the last two weeks, not only has it been blindingly obvious that the actual sing-off has had no bearing on the decision of who to send home, it's totally apparent that the judges themselves haven't made that decision. I'd even hazard a guess that Simon accidentally sending his own act home was due to producers in their ears telling them who to vote off. I genuinely think that half of the reason the show has haemorrhaged viewers is that people don't 'trust' or believe in the validity of the format. And that's important. Treat the public like idiots, and eventually, they'll switch off...

    And rather stupidly, sending two women of colour home one after the other, has opened them up to this accusation...
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  11. I don't want to get into racial debate like I did on DS a few weeks back and got absolutely terrorised but I have noticed a familiar pattern about mixed or black girls on the show, as soon as they start getting confidence and showing some personality they are deemed with having an attitude and being arrogant, I don't know why nor do I understand it but the likes of Kitty, Katie and say Janet never got as much abuse as Rachel Hylton for example, for standing up for what they believed in whether that be song choice or not happy with the critique or for whatever reason, it seems the mixed girls get a really bad name for themselves for knowing who they are as an artist.

    I noticed a pattern for females over the years, especially consisting of

    Rachel H
    Alexandra Burke - especially her
    Misha B
    Tamera Foster
    Fleur East
    Hannah Barrett
    Now Gifty

    It's a joke the only one who actually never had it was Leona - she was shy though and endearing or at least she portrayed that - I don't know her personally so I just take her at face value, all those people I listed though despite having some confidence are clearly nice people with a bit about them.

    Gets on my nerves when people judge someone as arrogant just for standing up them selves and having a bit of stage presence and charisma, people need to learn the difference.
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  12. Schrodinger's Contestant.

    I keep reading this as "transvestites".
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  13. Not to open Pandora's box....but it's interesting that Leona is light-skinned, with bright eyes and long, straight, wavy hair. In an unconscious way I'm sure that helped. She's a lot closer to the mould of "absolute sweetheart" that Carol from Wolverhampton loves.
  14. Speaking (in a roundabout way) of Paul Akister, did anyone else think he was kinda good-looking?
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  15. Paul was alright yeah
  16. Black women do fine on the show as long as they're not remotely confident or "urban". Alexandra, Leona and Rebecca all got by on being sweet and shy and Not Knowing How Good They Were and singing lots of unthreatening ballads. It probably didn't hurt that they all had "good hair" and two of them were quite light-skinned. (They're all also very talented obviously. I'm not trying to take anything away from them here.)

    Meanwhile Misha B was probably the best all-round contestant the show's ever had, but she rapped and had a very confident performing style, so she was called a bully and needed three singoff saves to reach the top four. The only contestants I can think of who've done well off rapping are Cher Lloyd, James Arthur and (potentially) Honey G, and... well they all have a certain something in common.

    Fleur is the exception to all this. I'm still not sure how she managed it.
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  17. Who do we reckon will be off next week? I'm calling Saara and 5AM for bottom two, with Saara going.
  18. I think 4 Of Diamonds will be be out next week, all that potential sadly unfulfilled. I'll guess Sam to join them in the sing-off and get saved.
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I kind of feel like Sam could be a major underdog especially in the voting, I would have thought she'd have experienced at least one bottom 3 so far but she seems to be sailing through, even after some of the negative press she's received.
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