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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.


  2. The trio of boring teens need to go next. Ryan, Sam and Emily - I'm looking at you. Not one memorable performance between them. I can't think of anyone who would vote for them...?!

    Actually, get Honey G out first. I don't get it, never will and never want to.
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  3. This is the worst series ever by far.
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  4. Not when Gifty, Relley C, Saara & Honey G have graced this series. We've had far, far worse.
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  5. 4OD going home feels correct.

    I hope Saara gets off her murder charges in time for next week. Queen of murdering 4 girls on live TV.
  6. When? The only season that I can think was as bad as this is maybe the 2007 series but at least the 'novelty' acts that year (Rhydian and Same Difference) were actually talented and the producer meddling and bias wasn't anywhere near as obvious back then.
  7. Well.... 2012 was when the show started going back to being dated, it had Chris Maloney & Lucy Spraggan.

    2013 had no jokes or novelty. It contained Sam Callahan & Abi Alton. It completely served an utter disservice to Tamera Foster.

    In terms of entertainment, this series really hasn't been that dissatisfying.
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  8. Are you saying Abi Alton wasn't a joke act?
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  9. She was the whitetest of white acts that took Relley C's place so that the girls category didn't contain all black women.

    There wasn't much to laugh at with Abi. She was just terribly basic and dire!
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  10. Honestly I can already predict the rest of this season's outcome:

    Matt will win because white male. 5AM and Emily will make it Top 3. Saara is going home next week, then goes Ryan, and then Sam. Honey G will coast by all the way to the semi final and get 4th place.

    Matt will release a flop album a year later then get dropped by Syco. 5AM might get a deal out of this but they'll struggle to be commercially successful. Honey G will milk her 15min for all it's worth and end up doing a season of Celebrity Big Brother. And we'll never hear about the rest of them ever again.

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  11. Was there ever any question that this wouldn't be the outcome? I think we're expecting too much from the British GP if we didn't know this already. I'm just here for the mess.
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  12. RJF


    So is anyone with sense. Is anyone really watching X Factor these days looking for their next favourite popstar?
  13. I mean no one knows that this show is a mess and doesn't find actual popstars more than me. I was just saying I can predict the rest of this season's outcome.

  14. 'Say "Cheese" Sam'


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  15. Not when 2013 exists.
  16. Starting the 4oD thread in the potential forum just like I said I would. I understand why most of the board doesn't rate them but they connected up during a couple of performances and that has me interested in keeping tabs.
  17. Found them very patchy. Saturday's performance + original audition were great, their other live weeks + Judges' Houses were awfully screechy (plus tonight) in my opinion.
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  18. I agree with this. Given that they only had a few months to gel, I'm interested to see whether they can become more reliable between now and the end of the tour. I know there's a very good chance they will wind down after the tour as others have said, but I can't help myself from being curious. I really enjoyed their good performances even if they were a little bland.
  19. I'd like to see them do well, I could see them going down a less-poppy route. I don't think they're the next GA/LM and that's fine, but they need to find their niche.
  20. I don't really understand the complaints about X Factor 'novelty' acts when Ed Balls remains in Strictly while better dancers are dropped...
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