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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. I really don't think 4OD will do anything, even if they stick together I doubt anyone will sign them.
  2. 2012 had a pretty good audition/bootcamp process, though plus James Arthur and Ella Henderson were great singers and Union J were decent enough. It had some dud contestants but the show still felt like a big event and the judges seemed more invested back then. Nicole was actually incredible in that first year.

    And I'd also like to echo my confusion at Nathan Sykes getting yet another X-Factor slot. Hasn't be been trying this solo career for years now and still hasn't taken off? Maybe he should take the hint.
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  3. You just need to look at Nathan Sykes management to understand why he gets slots on the show, same reason The Wanted were given slots, it secures Capital FM backing for Syco acts.
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  4. They need to stop trying to make Nathan Sykes happen, he's not gonna happen.
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  5. I still cringe at this when I think of Nathan Sykes.

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  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Emeli Sande slayed. I'm not sorry.
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  7. True. And Honey G is a novelty act yeah but come on she is actually more talented than Four of Diamonds. They just couldn't sing, had no stage presence and were just awkward and boring. At least Honey G has some stage presence and puts on a show.
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  8. Is she though? I think she looks so awkward on stage and it's pretty obvious she's taking the piss with the producers pulling the strings. She almost panics when awnsering interviews questions and had about five rehearsed replies. The suggestion that she would do CBB is a stretch because she couldn't keep the act up for more than a few days.
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  9. I haven't liked either 4OD or Saara up till now, but 4OD were great on the main show and Saara slayed the singoff. I think I'm more disappointed that either Ryan or Sam will be top 5.
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  10. And no, I don't think this is the worst series ever. It's a promising series which was deliberately destroyed and that's frustrating, but 2007 and Sam Bailey Year were worse for all sorts of reasons. I loved Sam Callahan though, #sorrynotsorry...
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  11. Nathans I'd like to see on X Factor in order:

    Nathan from 5am
    Nathan James
    Nathan Forrest, former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan

    Nathan Sykes
  12. I've missed a few of the live shows having been away for work, but caught saturday's. Why is Samantha Lavery still there?! She's rubbish at singing, not entertaining in a bad but good way, zero stage presence, botched image (she looked terrible on Saturday). Does she have something on the judges which got her a place in this final and has kept her in for 5 weeks? She's really terrible!
  13. Bananarama singing Nathan Jones
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  14. OK..
    The average girl band is gone, it's a fair decision because the public didn't connect with them.
    I'm so angry that the judges chose them over Relley and even Gifty.
    But first they need to get rid of the boring mediocrity: Sam (especially), Ryan (especially) and Emily. Even Matt is not interesting enough.
    I still don't get Honey G seriously, and never will. If she wins, it would be epic.
    Saara is the best singer left (although she's a mess), and she's the only one who deserves final from the remaining contestants.
    But by the looks of the less talented people going trough, I'm afraid Saara is leaving next (in fact, I don't care).

    And I think I know shy they eliminated Relley so fast. She was too good for the show, had the best performance three weeks in a row. It's almost unfair to the 'average' contestants! Production didn't show her audition, made her dress 15 years older that she is, gave her a bit boring song... Like it was all set up.

    My top 3 prediction :
    Matt of course, 5AM and Honey G/Emily

    WINNER: Matt
    RUNNER UP: Emily
    3RD PLACE: 5 After Midnight
    4TH PLACE: Samantha (Embarrassing that she even made Top 12, worst contestant ever)
    5TH PLACE: Honey G (Joke act elimination time)
    6TH PLACE: Saara (Will face Honey G and be eliminated)
    7TH PLACE: Ryan (Will face Saara in the bottom 2 and be assassinated)
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  16. Matt
    Honey G
  17. And based on my final 3, here's my duet predictions:

    Matt - Nicole Scherzinger
    Emily - Rebecca Ferguson
    5 After Midnight - Little Mix
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  18. Matt and Nicole is nailed on I reckon.
    Emily - can see Ed Sheeran being up for it.
    Honey G - Snoop, or if he's too expensive, maybe Tinchy Stryder.
  19. Honey G is sure to do Rappers Delight. Hope she includes that verse about the disappointing chicken.

    Sacred Trust will be perfect for Ryan.
  20. I'd change 5AM and Sam. That would be my prediction.
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