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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Nah, look at who's finished 4th the last couple of seasons. Young girls who nobody other than the producers thought were any good but mysteriously sailed through.
  2. Maybe you're right. I forgot that there was a certain pattern.
  3. It doesn't take talent to get up on stage and spell your name out. She's a good actress though, i'll give her that.
  4. I'm rewatching the last few seasons on YouTube and reliving old faves. Even the crap acts at the bottom end are better than most of those left this year. But I thought Kingsland Road were going to win so what do I know...
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  5. RJF


    The funniest thing about Honey G doing well is that she's most likely striking a chord with viewers because the producers and everyone else involved are relatively fearless when it comes to her performances and her capabilities, which makes her performances memorable and exciting television. Especially in direct contrast to the girls, who are in some kind of permanent audition to get a job singing at wakes, and the boys, who as usual, are coasting on looks alone. Groups are negligible, as always.

    I imagine they'll try and cripple her momentum if she makes it another couple of weeks (similar to how they delivered the killing blow to Reggie & Bollie last season with that car crash of a winner's single performance) but she's currently delivering a much needed energy spike to the live shows, so it won't happen until... maybe Top 6 or Top 5, most likely with some transparent "let's prove you can do more" misfire of a downtempo song choice.
  6. There's a rolled up sock with bits on it in the corner of my room. I can't find the other sock that's meant to go with it.

    That sock has more charisma than Four of Diamonds.
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  7. Is this Lauren Murray shade? Sashay away.
  8. Yeah lets be honest if Lauren Murray was this year we'd all be stanning for her honking and girlband shoving.
  9. Honestly though, her performances are such an event and really light up the evening. Thank God, I couldn't deal with Sam's borefest, Emily's dirge and Ryan's #cool #hottie whisper-fest.
  10. Edu


    Lauren Murray was iconic.

  11. I didn't know @NecessaryVoodoo had been making gifs since last series.
  12. Lauren Murray certainly did provide many moments. Stanning for her own judges houses performance, that cheap Essex hair salon performance of 'I'm Every Woman', the many variations of black jumpsuits she wore, shoving 4th Impact, when they stuck her at a fire exit for 'You Don't Own Me', and her desperately trying to save herself in a sing-off as she lost her timing to the backing track for 'Fight Song'.
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  13. Louisa only beat Lauren because she was middle class and Lauren was working class
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  14. It was Lauren Platt shade really.
  15. Really? There has never been a more obvious winner than Sam Bailey. Since liveshow 1, it was clear she was going to win as 90% of the other contestants were trash.

    You mean Lauren flat, don't you?

    Saara's sing-off yesterday was hands down the best performance of the season.
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  16. Saara made me like a Jessie J song that wasn't Thunder

    I don't know how to feel about that. Kind of grubby to be honest.
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  17. If Saara was to sing the alphabet, which letter do you think she'd start to get dramatic on? I want to say J.. she likes a build up, but not too much x
  18. Agreed, then bring it back to falsetto the m, n, o, p, q, r like a fragile rose before a dramatic pause and unleashing on s leaving us all gasping for our lives
  19. I don't know if the public would connect with this though?
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  20. You're right she has no talent but she is still better to watch than Four of Diamonds who also had no talent (they couldn't sing for toffee).
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