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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. I loved Lauren Murray cause she seemed like a right bruiser.
  2. bye
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  3. Louisa was far better than Lauren in pretty much every way. Lauren was entertaining in a no-nuance belter kind of way, but she looked a mess and her performances were...amateur.

    I think Louisa showed a lot of potential which she has since gone on to reach, especially in terms of her performance ability. Plus her voice is great.

    Anyway, I was so pleased Saara got through. At least my five (free) votes for her weren't totally wasted.

    How the faff shitty-old Sam and Ryan are still there remains a mystery.
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  4. You can chuck Emily into that as well. She needs to fuck off too.
  5. I was rewatching Saara's sing-off from yesterday and this lighting did a lot to poor Missus Oh

  6. Don't forget the first-world struggle to hide her absolute disdain for "Firestone" by Kygo (which she then proceeded to elevate to new highs, as usual).

    This blows every overwrought, try-hard, faux-soul-ified performance of Louisa's out of the water:

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  7. Is this satire?
  8. I just rewatched Lauren's We Belong Together and it was surprisingly competent help
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  9. I can't be arsed to read through the thread from last weekend but YAS at Saara scamming her way onto the tour despite the xenophobic public! Get that cheque!
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  10. If it isn't, the user should rewatch either Let It Go, It's A Man's World or And I Am Telling You at the six chair challenge by Louisa. Those 3 performances show more than enough that Louisa is way better than Lauren in every possible way.
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  11. Honestly This is a Man's World is the only time Louisa ever convinced me.
  12. I stan Louisa's performance of Everybody's Free

    Me. I Am a Mariah Stan... Lover of Overwrought Ballads.
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  13. This was ambitious.
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  14. The one thing I really liked about Lauren was her consistently modern song choices in the competition.

    Singing stuff like Jess Glynne, Jessie Ware, Beyonce/NaughtyBoy & Ariana all showed that she had more of a grasp on the current state of pop than most of the other acts.
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  15. Yeah I did initially - a good-looking boyband made up of teen-friendly ex-vloggers with a bit of fun and life about them was just what the show needed at the time. I still think they were underrated, but it was obvious Sam had it in the bag from week 2.
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  16. Lauren was my legit favourite right up until the live shows. Whatever they did to 'interfere' with her ruined her. She stopped giving emotion and just honked her way through every performance with no star power.

    Say You Love Me is still one of the strongest performances the show has had in years, like.
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  18. I think she'd revitalise it personally.
  19. I think she could, but we know at this point that the judges are little more than extensions of the producers. If the judges really picked stylists, songs, staging and such I think she would be great.

    But if she was mentoring the current crop of contestants with the same level of producer interference; I really can't imagine things working out differently than they did this year in terms of the show quality.
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