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The X Factor 13 (UK 2016)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Veritaserum, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Dddd all this talk of Legendary Lauren Murray. You know you that bitch when you cause all that conversation. I'm not gonna lie, she was more entertaining than anyone this series apart from Honey.

    Somebody hasn't taken notice of the After the After Party promo during the Talk Talk ads!
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  2. Mushroom soup would also be, but I see your point about Lauregend.
  3. Matt Terry should only be so lucky...
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  4. She's more than a bit annoying for me at the minute (well, all the time)... Yeah I thought it was all very odd then too...
  5. That would be icky.
  6. Yep she would end up leaving due to creative differences after about two weeks. She's exactly the kind of judge they should have though.
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  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Matt Terry gives me Deliverance vibes.
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  8. Shades of Harry Styles and Caroline Flackets.
  9. Yeah she says in the interview I linked that she got turned down for 'getting too involved'. Sounds like they realised she had a mind of her own and decided to steer clear.

    Come to think of it, how good would Simon, Charli xcx, Nicole and Robbie Williams be as a panel, provided they all got on? It's one of the things I'd do if I ever became director general of ITV.
  10. I'm going full nuclear option. SLavery to win.

    This year has been full of voting decisions, lets make SLavery Christmas No 1 (or at least top 20)
  11. Trump's already going to make slavery number 1 though.
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  12. It will be like when Alexandra's cover of Hallelujah and the Leonard Cohen original were 1 and 2.
  13. K94



    I haven't even watched last week's episodes - there's no one to truly route for. The only record I would only maybeee buy of the people left is 5AM and it'd probably be basic.
  14. I love the live shows every year, and I love getting frustrated at them with you all, but I'm rapidly losing interest this year.
  15. Once Saara goes (which surely can't be more than a week or two away) there will be literally no reason to watch.
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  16. I've literally only watched the first live show and the odd YouTube clip, but have been following this thread as it's actually far more entertaining than the show itself.
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  17. Honey G's mouth and chin are almost as weird and unsettling as James Arthur's.
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  18. This thread during the live shows is my favourite part of the week
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