The X-Factor 2008

last year she made terrible decisions... so i guess that for a musical point of view it is good news, for an entertainment point of view it is a bad thing!


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Well this was due, wasn't it?

She wasn't into it at all last year. I'm sad to see her go, but when chosing between someone new who's really into and someone who barely can be arsed to do a proper job... My mind's made up.

As the tabloids will probably mention these names in the next few days: Posh, Samantha Mumba, Cheryl Cole. Yes, we know, they'd be good. But it's not gonna happen.
Has she buggery.....

It's just the first of the PR activities of the X Factor team to drum up interest in the series (at the same time as BB9 starts). ie: it's complete bollocks.

She'll be back, don't you worry, with a story along the lines of "some chemistry was missing/something didn't feel right".

I can't believe people fall for these stories every year.


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Well they can't do the exact same judge out/judge in thing they did last year again, can they?
Sharon will return I'm sure. We need someone like her on a show like that otherwise you've got Dannii commenting on the 'pitch' of voices even though Dannii can barely sustain a pop career herself. Sharon's bitterness can't be hidden and that's what makes her entertaining - the fact she knows shit about pop music and pretends otherwise.
They can bring whatshisface back. The queeny creative director who replaced Louis (the other queen) for an episode, and then cut to Simon saying "It wasn't working out" before Sharon appears triumphantly. It will be AMAZING and not at all predictable.

My vote for replacement judge goes to Sarah Harding. I just want her to turn up pissed and tell people they're shit.
This does sound pretty fake, especially coming from the Sun. She'll be back although i'd be overjoyed if she actually went for good. I will never forgive her for what she said about Dannii on the Graham Norton show last year - it was disgusting to see someone bullying another person like that and thinking its ok just cos they're on TV and a celeb.

Dannii easily has more right to be on the show than Sharon. Yes, i would say that being a fan but really, this whole hating on Dannii thing is just silly. I bet half the people that see her on the show haven't even heard a song by her and just know her as Kylie's sister so they can't exactly judge her.
I'd only want Sinitta if she sung 'So macho' at least once every episode. It would be immense. They could get rid of all the big name musical guests like Kylie and Celine and just get Sinitta to perform! The perfect time to make a cup of tea.
Seen as 4 categories didn't really work, I'm fairly sure they'll stick to three judges - with Dannii replacing Sharon in the middle.

It's the same set up as Idol and Britain's Got Talent. Woman in middle, Simon on her left 'other' on the right.

It's well documented that Simon desperatly wants Cheryl Cole for one of these shows. She was offered Britain's Got Talent series 1, and then Dannii's role in X Factor - but she turned them both down because she is too big for such things.

Quite rightly too!


Haha. Sure she's quit. She knows shes lucky to have the job in the first place
I really hope this stays true. Dannii may have been responsible for allowing Leon to slip through the net, but as a judge and mentor she clearly did very well getting two of her acts into the final - more than Sharon's been able to do with her acts. Sharon's jealously and reaction to Dannii's arrival was disgusting; it made somewhat interesting TV, but other than seemingly feeling threatened by the arrival of a more attractive women, what did Dannii do wrong? The old format of 3 judges needed changing last year and although I hated Brian replacing Louis, bringing Louis back wasn't that great either.

I'm not sure who I want to replace Sharon, though I get a horrible feeling this is just a PR stunt!