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The X-Factor 2008

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ***Jaffa_19***, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Bitch please (as said by Rachel not me, I love ya really) Rachel would take all 12 acts on and still end up victorious!
    But if things got really tight I'm sure she could call in her cousin Javine* who would have her back making Austin and Scott go running when she yells at them to "touch her flow".

    *these two may not actually be related.
  2. Rachel lives near me. I fear for my life when walking now. I always carry a rape whistle with me just incase.
  3. I loved one of tonight's Rachel-isms when Holly asked her how she felt about Alexandra winning:
    "she tore it up, she ripped it up, she tore tha place down, she built it back up again...."

    She went on for about ten minutes (well maybe a minute) with all these different sayings for Alex winning when inside all she was thinking "I told ya I was trouble, that bitch is dead, Simon told me I had it won".
  4. ZING! Shit, you've just discovered why Alex's album is out in March. She's a 'Leona for the summer' I guess. Hope they're gonna have some big summer stompers for her.
  5. Jesus, Rachel didn't half go on about this last night, and she looked so pissed off and drunk.

    Who's betting she gave Alex a black eye at the after party?
  6. Was it just me or was Alex, when she won, not dignified at all??
    Dermot made it worse though, it was amusing watching him not know what to do!!
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Aww I love Rachel, she has character.

    To be honest the only Alexandra performances I can remember are Candyman, Toxic and last night's...
  8. I can't help thinking that choosing Westlife to perform with JLS did them more harm than good, and may even have cost them the title. Louis has used the show as a cross-promotional tool for Westlife at every available opportunity since it began four years ago, and there's really only so many times you can pull the same rabbit from the same hat. At this point, there's no element of excitement or prestige in having them perform on the show - you can hardly say the same for Beyoncé, and you certainly couldn't say it last night.
  9. I don't think that makes any difference at all, JLS wouldn't & shouldn't have beaten Alex whoever they performed with.

    It's just sounds like an excuse for JLS fans does this, just like the whole "Cheryl as mentor" is an excuse or the usual "Phonelines were jammed" excuse you hear.

    Truth is Alex won because she is far superior to JLS.
  10. The tree you should be barking up is in a different orchard altogether. I'm not a JLS fan in the slightest and have backed Alexandra from the very start.
  11. Did really like last nights show esp. Alex falling to complete pieces during the entire show. It was amazing

    Don't really understand all the hate for Eoghan and JLS, didn't think they'd derserved to win but thought they were very good during the night and I was very surprised when Eoghan finished third because of teenage girls in work and my sister.

    The man who was touched by Beyonce probably hasn't washed his face since.
  12. Wow, just look at the statistics for that clip. It's getting great views and "talked about" rankings all over.

    It's a really great quality clip too, so thanks.
  13. My mum just noticed that last year's winner wasn't on the final show, I said that maybe they were trying to forget who won last year's show.
  14. He's absolute Bollocks.
    His only redeeming feature was the duet with Kylie.
    I might youtube it actually.
  15. They should have had Leona back again to really piss on Leon's fire.
  16. Well, Hallelujah indeed.


    I'm just glad Eoghan didn't win, 'teenage girls love him' my arse.

  18. Disinclined

    Disinclined Guest

    You are the twinkly little diamond in the chavvy lump of coal that is teen Britain.

    Thank you for giving me such hope, Roxie.
  19. There's nothing wrong with most of teen Britain thank you very much. You just happen to hear about the little lumps of coal in the sparkly goldmine that is Teen Britain!
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