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The X-Factor 2008

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ***Jaffa_19***, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. primrose12

    primrose12 Guest

    i really dont mind how many people slate me but i hope jls go on to do big things they desereved to win last night even the tv critic on sky news said that if they sang hallelujah in las vegas they would of smashed the roof down. i hope jerry springer is right that the guys make it big america. i want them to represent england and become and harmony acappella class act. i cant even compare jls to anyone at the moment of which is a good thing.

    well done guys for reaching so far because you were the underdogs
  2. The nicest moment of the show was when Dannii hugged Alex & Chezza, then as Dermot was interviewing Alex the other two had another cuddle in the background.
  3. In my experience most of teen Britain is quite nice actually just easily swayed by cuteness looking at the percentage we can tell that it's quite fleeting and passes like a short fever.

    Called hormones

    Like I said before didn't really mind JLS or Eogahn really I think the actual main problem with Eogahn support was just in the Father Ted episode I watched with the character Eoin Mclove who gets attacked by middle aged women who just want to mother him.

  4. Well i though Alex was was amazing and wonderful to see someone really try and have charisma and also be so humble and iin awe of the people she's met, her duet with beyonce was fantastic. better still, i was genuinely amazed by her rendition of hellelujah, thought it was great. the singles great too though they transition into the last verse annoys me and is the only thing that makes you think reality show. JLS disappointed. they were taken in the wrong direction and in the end became like hope from last year with all the focus on one person whilst doing the formulaic westlife slow ballad format. Shame as with dannii or cherly i think we would have seen something more relevant and daring, maybe!

    In terms iof having teh x factor i think alex is the best winner so far, leona's has an amazing voice but alex just has everything else as well.
  5. I wasn't talking about you in particular, I just mean this is the drone that I've been hearing lately from them.
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Now there's a fight I'd like to see on TV Burp.
  7. Louis Walsh has got JLS and Eoghan onto the lineup for this week's Childline Concert in Dublin in the new o2 arena.
    Apparantly JLS will be the first band on stage so will be the first band to sing in the new o2 arena.
  8. Thats actually quite dissapointing, I mean if JLS are forgotton about in 6 months time or don't really do much, where does that leave the O2 arena's history later in time?

    Oh some X Factor band (Who?) played their first.

    You'd have thought they'd get someone like U2 or something to do that.
  9. Yay, I've found out that Ruth is playing a gig near where I live on the Sunday after Christmas! It's a shame Diana's going to be there as well...
  10. I kinda missed Diana this week. And hers is the only one of the other three that I would like to hear.
  11. Eoghan and Diana, this is what you should do.

    Record a version of "Especially for you". It was a song by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan but you'll probably know it from the Denise van Outen and Johnny Vaughn version.

    Release it in time for Valentine's Day.

    Watch the cash roll in.
  12. futurix

    futurix Guest

    Because phone lines have limits, and when hundreds of thousand people start to call at the same time - phone lines start to fail. Same with mobiles.
  13. They can complain all they like. I phoned several times and couldn't get through and I voted for the winner...
  14. The best bit of X Factor everrrrr.




    We need not turn out the lights.

    My faith in humanity is restored.

    ...fuck. I don't have anything left to rant about now. Well I'll pick at the last dregs of what's shit:

    1: If I Were A Boy is rubbish and remains rubbish when performed live
    2: 4 consecutive ballads from Alexandra? Really?
    3: Eoghan may not have won but he still got to piss over the first half of the final
    4: Westlife and Boyzone on the same show, thrusting the fabric of the space-time continuum through a demonic holepuncher of tedium probably owned by Louis

    But in general that was a reasonably good example of a final, wasn't it? Long but far from the 'seven hours of fucking pointless guest performers being fucking pointless with occasional cameos from contestants' American Idol way of doing it (I usually watch every episode of AI except the final, it's that dull). We didn't even get a goodbye performance from Eoghan. I think they realised it's for the best. And Alexandra won the PROPER way - answering the rather sweetly out-of-his-depth Dermot's questions with hysterical "AGH AGH AGH AUUUGGHHH HUH HUH HUH HUHHHH HHH HH HHHHH AAAAA GGGHHH HAH HAHHH"s and messily sobbing through her final performance and the obligatory group hug (minus Eoghan's premature rugby tackle). See, Leon? That's what you do when you win. You do not mope around like you'd rather be at home guzzling antidepressants and watching someone better win. And the lead single isn't the usual I Believe This Moment Is My Hero Flying Now Making Me Proud Of My Heaven Like This When Against All Odds Of My Goal fare, albeit with a very-much-standard 'monochrome crying and candles etc' video-by-numbers. Now Alexandra, get that nonetheless unpleasantly predictable Christmas #1 out the way then go off and be more exciting than Leona.

    And the rest of the series was enjoyable too I suppose. It's just a shame how many missed opportunities there were. Once again they cocked up the theme weeks. Where was Cheeky Girls week, with such demands made as 'Take Your Shoes Off' from Diana and 'Touch My Bum' by Eoghan? What about Anal Cunt week, including Ruth belting out All Our Fans Are Gay, Simon flipping and singing his rendition of You Rollerblading Faggot after he's finally had enough of the choreography, and his regretting a song choice after Scott's lacklustre interpretation of You Were Too Ugly to Rape, So I Just Beat the Shit Out of You, leaving Scott in tears and guaranteeing him 20% of the vote, 20% more than he would otherwise have received, and leaving Austin even more vulnerable than is inherent? They could have been guests and all had a lovely game of darts backstage. And where was Jentina week? Happy hardcore week? Luigi Masi week? Leon Jackson week?

    Oh well, no point dwelling on it. Bring on series 6! So it just me or did the ad at the end looking for next year's auditionees ask for contestants aged 16 or over? Does this mean the elimination of the 14/15-year-olds? So... so no more Emily 'bigger void of charisma than Leon and thrice as depressing' Nakandas and Eoghan 'harbinger of the popocalypse' Quiggs? Really?

    Good start.
  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I think they should retire it for a year, and replace it with something that results in a proper Christmas song topping the charts next year.
  17. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    So... Tonight's the night! Either Tom or Dirk will be winning this season of Flemish 'X-Factor'!
    If Dirk wins he'll release a cover of 'Don't Look Back' by The Temptations.
    If Tom wins he'll release 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis, most likely his 'unplugged' rendition.
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