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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. The 14th season of X-Factor will return to our screens in August. And while judges are yet to be confirmed, shooting for the show will begin in about 3 months time.

    Now is it me or is there lit no excitement about who the judges will be this year? Usually, the media are obsessed with finding out who the judges will be but there is no buzz at all at the moment.
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  2. Unless Simon leaves again, interest/ratings will continue to slide. He has nothing to offer any more. Also, as long as he stays we're also stuck with Louis Walsh...
  3. Edu


    Give me Robbie Williams, Lily Allen, Sharon O. and Craig David/Adam Lambert this year and I'll be excited.
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  4. I've enjoyed the break from it. I hate that the endless "who will the panel be?" speculation normally starts the minute the show has ended.

    Give us a chance to miss it and be glad when it returns!

    Did I imagine it or is The Xtra Factor moving online this year?
  5. I agree with you but it's not a good sign for the show that there is no buzz. The press don't care who the judges will be because they know nobody really cares.
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  6. Usually the show releases 26 press releases a day about every popstar in the world to generate that interest. I assume that this year they really are taking a leaf out of the Britain's Got Talent handbook, keeping the same line-up and focusing on the quality of contestants.
  7. The age limit is being reduced to 14 again.
  8. Wait, seriously?
  9. Wasn't he rejected as a 14 year old though for being too young.

    Also I read a rumour about the live shows being spread across a week like Got Talent.

    I could only see them doing that for judges houses.
  10. First year where I have zero interest in this.

    The panel does not excite me at all.
  11. Didn't they pretty much confirm the judges would be the same before the finished last year?

    I remember reading there may be less live shows this year. If they reduce anything it should be the amount of boot camps stages etc. The live shows are the best bit.
  12. I'm the opposite. Increase the bootcamps and reduce live shows. The live shows used to be the best bit but we just get the same shitty songs every year so count me out.
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  13. I think it's safe to say Simon and Cheryl are back, I just hope it isn't months of dragging out who the host and other judges are.

    I personally think 3 judges is the way to go, ideally someone like Robbie who would bring some energy and fun to the show.

    If they can't secure Robbie and want to stick with a 4 panel of judges, I quite like the idea of a couple of success stories, slim pickings, but my picks would be Leona and Olly alongside Simon and Cheryl. Oh and bring back room auditions.
  14. It's been confirmed that the same judges are retuning as last year.
  15. Bupsi is releasing

    And still no sign of a Tamera single.
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  16. You clearly don't watch the show since room auditions were brought back last year.
  17. Bopsi
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