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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. BOP!
  2. My bupsi was bopping to that one but now it says it's unavailable.
  3. Working for me;

    Absolute bop
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  4. Just when we thought they'd seen sense and were trying to keep a judging panel without drama...

    Stories emerge that Nicole Scherzinger has auditioned for the movie version of Wicked and won't sign until she finds out whether she's got the part or not!

    I don't blame her (obviously)...
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  5. Please, I am begging, let her get the part in Wicked.
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  6. I've seen a few stories about this, and as much as I want her to get the part, it wouldn't clash I don't think? The Wicked movie isn't out until December 2019, so it wouldn't start filming until late 2018 surely? It'd be a bit weird to have it in the can 2 years before it's released.
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  7. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    There is no hyphen.

    There has never been a hyphen.

    There will never be a hyphen.

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  9. I really wish that they would have gotten rid of Sharon!
  10. Can they please get the production company that produced X Factor Aus? Because X Factor Aus was an infinitely better produced show.
  11. Sharon has a better chance at getting a job as a witch.
  12. I hope Rita gets a performance slot.
  13. Just read an article stating that Nicole is signed on and apparently Mariah is in talks to join. The article also states Nicole is 38. Hasn't she been in her thirties for like 20 years?
  14. Much like Sinitta in her 40s then.
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  15. How strange! Why would Mariah join if Nicole was signed up? Surely Mariah would replace her alongside Sharon?

    The ridiculous "X Factor PR Machine" rears its head just in time for Britain's Got Talent Live Shows again...

    Will they never learn etc...
  16. If Mariah joins that will give me the push to finally stop watching. She was insufferable on American Idol.

    Sign her up!
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  17. I low-key lived for her feud with Nicki Minaj on American Idol (probably because the show itself was so mortified and tried to brush it under the carpet...)

    Lord knows what would happen on The X Factor - they'd probably devote 55 minutes of a 1 hour 15 live show to her throwing shade at Nicole...
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  18. It was just plain embarrassing! Like playground stuff, not even being able to look at or acknowledge each other. The producers should have had a word with her.

    I was firmly #TeamNicki
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  19. The Mariah/Nicki drama was amazing!

    And it wasn't even just then. Nearly every time Mariah gave a critique on the live shows, Nicki and Keith would just look at each other and try and not laugh.
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