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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  2. Will Alisha just turn up next week and sing anyway?
  3. Fergie snatching some promo?!

  4. K94


    Imagine voting for Sam Black kii
  5. There was me thinking we'd get Taylor next week.
  6. Fergie and Matt Terry?

    I am out.
  7. Lets be honest, she'll somehow find a way to be back on the show next week.

    Also, Fack off quarter final McKeef. There are 50 acts still on the show.
  8. What was it? I missed it
  9. Whew! Can't wait for Fergie to perform Fergalicious next week.
  10. Also, a Crazy in Love theme? I bet Grace has about 2000 songs to choose from...

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  11. Why can't we have meme songs week.
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  12. Like, do people not know that if you want to see semi good looking chavs you can just google scallies?

    Stop wasting your votes on Sam and get online, it' 2017.
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  13. He got through because he sang an uptempo on a night filled with ballads.
  14. You’re preaching to the converted here!
  15. Oh of course Fergie and Matt Terry

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  16. RE: Sam.

    I still just see Dean Gaffney teebs.

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  17. So glad my sexy Sam is still in. All my votes were worth it! Glad to see Elisa go she was boring AF!
  18. First you vote for Brexit and now Sam?! Sis, it's like you want us to not like you!
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  19. How can they leave the main vote open for about 2 minutes and the prize fight vote is open for about 10 minutes - makes absolutely no sense!
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  20. "Crazy in Love"
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