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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Eh what's wrong with Sam?! And who else is their to like apart from him and Grace?
  2. He can't sing?

    You like Grace too?!


    I did like Grace initially but I hate that she's essentially 'the chosen one' this year and her affected tone in her voice does my head in. I want pop divas for 2018, not more Adele's
  3. Agree I don't like the affected tone in her voice either but I like the songs she wrote and I liked her performance this week (last week was awful).

    Well who is the PJ fave then? Please don't say Rak-Su.
  4. None of them cause they are all awful.
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  5. This week was hilarious.

    "That's one of my favourite Was Not Was songs…."

    "That's one of my favourite Stevie Wonder songs…."

    "That's one of my favourite Bonnie Raitt songs…."

    For fuck's sake!
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  6. I have so much respect for George Michael but watch me massacre this song make this song my own!

    *does Mariah Carey version*

    *does Adele version*

    *does Shane Richie version*

    *does Carrie Underwood version*
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  7. I just assumed we would all back Rai-Elle, what more do you all want from a contestant?
  8. I don't really watch X Factor but I saw Grace massacring Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me. Affected is definitely an apt description, why does she sing like that? It's not natural or authentic at all.
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  9. Is it a bit of a coincidence that simons comments on Alisah’s Performance were quite harsh and her getting eliminated? Maybe I’m reading into it too much but it nearly felt like some tactics on his part, get rid of the stronger vocalists so there’s less competition for his groups?
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  10. *Sets theme as George Michael*

    Simon: This feels dated, not current enough etc
  11. I was literally Mrs O during Lloyd’s performance. It wasn’t so much him that made me cry but A Different Corner... what a song.
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  12. What the hell was Grace doing tonight. She doesn't have the voice to sing half a song acapella like that. She was gunning for a "moment", but it fell flat. I hate her voice. It's so affected and weak.
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  13. Sorry, catching up - surprised to see Alisah go! I think Simon's comments hurt her chances tonight. It surprises me that he's so concerned about her being "old fashioned" when she auditioned with a song like Listen and was praised for it and sailed through bootcamp with theatre songs.
  14. Well i wouldn’t say she sailed through. She got eliminated every step of the way
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  15. He had more enthusiasm during BBLB. I remember having a huge crush on him when I first laid eyes on him on that show. By the by, thanks sistren for providing the lawls as I binged thru this series having missed the almost one month worth of this show cause I was on my European trip. I've given you whores, the likes that you girls deserve.

    PS - I want Myles Rak-Su to creampie me.
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  16. Shame for Alisah. She probably wouldn't have won but she was one of the good ones and shouldn't have gone this early.

    What's the theme for next week?
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  17. Hi! I've seen the songs from this year's X Factor are for sale on iTunes, but I tried to buy last year's music and it was only available on streaming services like Spotify, right?

    Since I've been collectioning the music from the show, i'd love if someone could tell me about it, please.
  18. "Songs To Eliminate More Contestants From The Girls Category", I'd imagine...
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  19. What is the point of Holly Tandy?
  20. I would put money on her doing Eurovision or a National Final at some point...but, yes, we already have Louisa Johnson, and look how that's going...
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