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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. I am SO here for Rak-Su. Mamacita and Dimelo are bops.
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  2. The only worthwhile contestants in this crop (unless you count that straight dude with the come to bed eyes).
  3. Fixed!
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  4. Genuinely don’t like anyone on X Factor this year. Rak-Su especially have that really irritating rap thing where they can’t rap to anything but one tune so all their songs sound exactly the same.

    Holly is the only one I see being a viable pop star but probably in the same vein that Louisa is and we all know how that’s going.
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  5. I disagree.

    1) If a person can rap, then the tune or rhythm of a song make little difference (it appears that no one in Rak Su can rap well, by the way)

    2) HOLLY!? Why can't we all agree that Rai Elle is the popstar amongst them? She's so good that even when getting fucked over by song choices out of her range she screams "trained at the BRIT school" despite not being...
  6. I know every X Factor contestant says 'it's just the beginning' but I really do think this about Rai Elle.

    She has amazing popstar potential - I look forward to seeing what she's doing in three, four, five years' time.
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  7. I'm only here this year for Rai Elle (up the Croydon massive!) and Matt... but erm, not for his singing! Although I do like his voice actually!
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  8. Grace, Rak-Su and The Cutkelvins will sing originals.

    Bye at Kevin singing I Will Always Love Xou.
  9. Full song list for "Crazy in Love" week...

    Grace Davies: 'Hesitate' (original song)
    Holly Tandy: Ariana Grande and The Weeknd - 'Love Me Harder'
    Rai-Elle: Jean Knight - 'Mr Big Stuff'

    Lloyd Macey: Shania Twain - 'From This Moment On'
    Sam Black: Little Mix ft Charlie Puth - 'Oops'

    Kevin Davy White: Whitney Houston - 'I Will Always Love You'
    Matt Linnen: Alicia Keys - 'Fallin'

    The Cutkelvins - 'Saved Me from Myself' (original song)
    Sean & Conor Price: Julia Michaels - 'Issues'
    Rak-Su - 'Mona Lisa' (original song)

    I'm really disliking the format this year, but at least song choices have been a little more out of the ordinary this year. I don't think we would have seen a Little Mix album track performed in previous years.

    Does anyone know the format for the weekend? At this point, they really need to ditch the half acts performing Saturday / Sunday, get rid of the prize fight (that literally no one cares about), and revert back to all acts performing Saturday, results on Sunday. If they have Girls + Overs / Boys + Groups performing together over the 2 nights, the results are going to be a mess, and I can see Rai-Elle being a casualty.
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  10. Looking forward to Holly singing Love Me Harder but Oops(trash) combined with Sam(also trash) is not going to be pretty.
  11. Anyone else get the feeling they are trying to sabotage Kevin?

    I am sure him topping the vote repeatedly was never part of the plan.
  13. Can't wait for Nicole to hijack their slot just to perform the iconic:

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  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    !!!!!! I forgot all about this. A bop.
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  15. Low-key excited about these...

  16. I Will Always Love You?? GROAN. Well, at least it's not I Didn't Know My Own Strength, but still, shit choice.
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  17. Just to to add, this series is really poor. The weekly prize element is so weird and undramatic. It should just be like in The Apprentice when they don't hype up what it is but just say "well done, you won this week so you get to go and meet P!nk/support Little Mix" and that's it. The sing-off is rubbish and unnecessary - it's not a judge's decision like it was when it was the bottom 2, so it's just filler for 5 mins, and boring to hear the same songs again. Maybe the show has just run out of steam. I can't even remember most of the acts. Each week when I watch it and they come on I'm like 'oh yeah, her/him/them". The only one that does stick with me is Rak-Su and that's partly because one looks likes he's from Bo Selecta. Is it time to axe it?!
  18. It's definitely the worst it's been in a long time, and probably ever. I don't even think reverting the format to how it was before would save it this year, because the contestants themselves are a bunch of damp squibs with little personality. I agree with you @Booers it's difficult to remember who's even in the show this year, and that's because I've been invested in none of them.
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  19. Hiyaaa


    Here to support Rak-Su and The Cutkelvins... and that's about it
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  20. 'Matt Terry is here'

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