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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. The contestants weren't bad but I pretty much hated all of the changes... That prize fight was absolutely stupid, I loved the sing-off and without it, the judges seemed like puppet. The duet idea for lead single wasn't clever, either.

    And for 2018, no matter what you are planing, get rid of Louis.
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  2. Yes, I wouldn't mind the return of the sing-off.
  3. Apparently Louis and Sharon are already signed on for next year, well at least according to Louis.

    It is Nicole who is still to sign a contract.
  4. Unfortunately, ITV seemed to have pinned the ratings falling in 2014 on Louis not being there (rather than the show’s popularity waning). I’m sure Simon said somewhere that Louis will be on the show until the end as a result...
  5. I may be in the minority but I feel that this year's series was the most enjoyable since the Little Mix/Misha B year...

    It would be nice for Rak-Su and Grace to experience some success in the next 12 months (and they should, considering SyCo merely need to press "go" - if they manage to fuck up the launch of an act with 5+ songs in the public consciousness, relatively high levels of awareness and a pre-existing fanbase? There's no hope whatsoever)

    That way, next year will naturally see an increase in ratings for the TV Show as viewers again relate it to the discovery of new pop acts.

    Hopes for "fairness" and "judges actually being involved" and so on are a bit pointless at this stage. Replacing Louis and/or Sharon for better "entertainment"? Absolutely.
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  6. The Little Mix/Misha year was in my opinion one of the least enjoyable as most of the contestants were trash except for 3.
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  7. My heart just stopped... Little Mix, Marcus Collins (ONE SONG), Misha B and Amelia Lily all feature in my music library, while I also enjoyed Janet, Sophie and the Overs at times... it's my second favourite after Alexandra's year (I still watch Rolling In The Deep and ET on YouTube from time to time)...
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  8. Oh, this had Janet and Sophie too... Forgot about that.
  9. The little mix series was my favourite, especially the judging panel (even Alexandras sint). There was so much drama behind the scenes which made you want to tune in to see the mess/awkwardness as well as talent being incredible that year.

    There was Tulisa accusing Misha B of being a bully, kelly and tulisa falling out because of it, Kelly missing a week for being ‘ill’, Alexandra and Louis awkwardness, frankie deciding he could be arsed being on the show anymore and Amelia Lily randomly coming back at like the semi final after being voted out week one. A MESS and enjoyed every minute of it.
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  10. I didn’t bother watching. The thing that killed the show for me was the awful new format and the double eliminations. You couldnt root for anyone long enough.
  11. Despite it being pretty much universally remembered as a ‘disaster’ I think Alex’s guest judging was pretty great back then. She was funny, engaged and gave good criticism and I’d have happily had her back over Louis or Barlow for the rest of that years show.
  12. That guy with the butterfly neck tattoo was busking in Glasgow today and I didn’t hate what I heard.
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  13. I seen him too! He's always on Buchanan Street and always draws a crowd. I was a little disappointed he didn't make it that far in the show.
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  14. I think I’ve mentioned it before but I really missed the Sunday results show and the Glee style group numbers with all the contestants. Cringe tastic.. moreso when they started ‘live’ singing to their own pre recorded vocals

    (Dddd at Louis Tomlinson always being awful)
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  15. It’s funny that despite being ropey throughout, that performance doesn’t truly go off the rails until 1D show up.
  16. Having lost the naivety that comes with being a child when this aired, did anyone at the time think they were actually singing live? Cause this is hilarious.
  17. Rak Su are the best act in recent years in my opinion..
    They are cool, and this is so fun to have a winner's single which is actually upbeat HAPPY and not a ballad about the "journey".

    I just hope they shoot a cool Dimelo video which will be edited well (unlike the PrettyMuch music videos), and maybe that they ditch Wyclef Jean from the feature. They need to also fix Myles' vocals mixing on the studio version, there's a strange echo.. Perhaps the perfect thing to do is re-record the song with decent mixing, get rid of Wyclef, and add instead Camila, Shakira, or Nicki Minaj for the final verse.

    Looking forward to an album of songs that you can listen to at the gym! yay
  18. You’ll get Tamera Foster or Fleur East and you’ll have to deal.
  19. Imagine if they could have got Shakira to guest on Dimelo.
  20. Or more realistically, Camila.
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