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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Wagner running in like "Why? WHY?!" will always kill me.
  2. Whatever happened to Fleur? She was great.
  3. Pat


    Still pissed we didn't get a final performance with Nicole.
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  4. So do they not have a proper winners single release? Just the studio recording?
  5. I say it every year but this time I know I mean it - I won't be watching X-Factor 2018.

    This year was beyond painful. The changes were absolutely dreadful and the contestants were rubbish. This is the first season where I haven't watched every episode. I maybe only watched about 70% of this season. I'm officially done.

    Bring back Popstars: The Rivals.
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  6. I gave up watching after the first few audition shows, tuned back in for an episode of Judges Houses then left, tried the first live show then ditched again.

    Recorded the shows and just watched the guest performances.

    The show is beyond stale now for me.
  7. First final I've never watched, and similarly only watched at most 70% of the live shows. The show has run it's course, would be good to retire it for a bit, but itv wont.
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  8. Same for me. I had no interest in watching the final - but I was interested to find out who won.
    I was listening to a RuPaul podcast recently and Michelle Visage said something along the lines that these shows make you realise that there are a thousand amazing singers out there. Anyone can put a cover up on Youtube. It doesn't seem special anymore.

    Aaaand...a show with singers singing original songs? Isn't that Eurovision....or, more specifically, Melodifestivalen?
  9. ...or Fame Academy?
  10. I didn't watch a single second of it this year, and I couldn't find P!nk's performance anyway, so haven't even seen a guest slot.
    It freed up my weekend habits no end.
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  11. Rak-Su made it to number 2 on the official chart.

    I'm impressed, the song has had next to no airplay on Radio 1 this week and the actual mix is pretty terrible I wonder if it will hold up next week when the sales aren't as strong and it has to rely on streams.

    Also they've still not got a thread in P&J but flop boyband 'Why Don't We' do. . .
  13. Why wasn't there an official single this year? like a studio recording not a version ripped from the show?
  14. Grace got signed according to her twitter.

    I don't know where, but I suppose (P)SyCo.
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  15. 360


    PopJustice! Can't think of a more deserving girl/artist. Her songs were wonderful and she's very talented.
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  17. Booking my train ticket as we speak hunty

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  18. The name rings a bell...
  19. Rebecca Ferguson was performing at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year last night. My mum remembered her by "the lassie that kept getting told to open her eyes when she sings" ha.
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