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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. She has support acts?
  2. Grace is currently writing and recording her album.
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  3. I swear if Grace gets an album out before Louisa...
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  4. Errrr... wasn't it already written before the show aired? Or have I missed THE ENTIRE POINT OF THE SERIES "REVAMP"?
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  5. Someone was telling me they were at a writing camp for Syco recently (before Christmas) under the illusion that it was to write songs for 5 After Midnight, who were also there, but it was actually for Rak-Su; before they'd won the show.
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  6. Surely that's not the first time that's happened, though? I do wonder if this kind of behaviour takes the wind out of the show by deriving it of being a genuine competition, and, as a result, a lack of suspense/an increase in cynicism.

    Also: Poor 5 After Midnight.
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  7. Well somebody had to write their brand new song for the final. . .
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  8. 360


    There has always been an element of Simon pulling strings behind the scenes. He was gunning for a Rak-su win the entire series, since he genuinely believes they'll be popular and generate him money.

    So not surpised, but yeah poor 5AM. Thought they were pretty amazing in that series.
  9. If I was me I'd want to be me too.
  10. Only just seen this and can't stop staring at it
  11. This really bothers me (not that the show pushed for its chosen winner and was so convinced they'd get the winner that they began pre-production on the album) but because...

    I understood the whole "original songs" reboot to primarily be about launching acts like Rak-Su and Grace immediately after the final. Drip-feeding high-quality (if you're into those particular sounds) tracks to streaming services, creating awareness even amongst the majority who don't watch The X-Factor. Creating popstars in the modern age. Maybe releasing an album containing 8 previously released tracks with a few new ones as the 2018 series launches.

    Having two legitimate popstar acts would be a nice lead-in to the new series and create positive word of mouth to stabilise (even increase) viewers for the next series.

    What I did not expect was them to hole both acts away and attempt the tried-and-tested-TO-FAIL approach of "launch last year's acts on this year's show" which has provided increasingly diminished results ever since Little Mix...

    What kind of fucking idiots? Seriously.

    Just when I think that the Record Label arm of SyCo can no longer surprise me with their incompetence? They go and do this...

    Grace and Rak-Su literally had 6 ready-to-go hits each. Now they'll be 12 months old and as unappealing to Spotify users as the new Louisa Johnson single. Strike while the iron is hot indeed...
  12. Completely agree! Next time I see her I will ask more about this and see if I can find out more information about this kinda thing
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  13. Its insane we didn't even get a studio version of the winner's single this year, and we're almost six months removed without a hint of a debut. I'm not even surprised by the incompetence anymore.
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  14. and it's not like it was an embarrassing winner, or one Syco didn't want.

    is this where I admit that I quite liked Matt Terry's album?
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  15. Exactly. What have they been doing? Working on a CD-only "Best Of" compilation for One Direction, to be sold exclusively through Tesco in Q4????

    I think I probably just answered my own question...

    Are we all resigned that the debut singles by both Rak-Su and Grace will be tracks first-performed on last year's series? How (to quote Simon Cowell himself) "current"...
  16. What annoys me is that (as much as Grace isn't my sort of thing) these two have more potential for success in the current landscape than any top two finishers in years. I know we all do too much with X Factor acts who were clearly never coming to anything, but they both really could have made it.
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  17. 100% agree
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  18. I was just trying to find the Jodie gif to go with my story but anyway... I'm in Ibiza right now and she was part of the hotel evening entertainment in a dancing cabaret act tonight under the stage name Marina. Iconic.
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  19. Queen of multiple personas.
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  20. ♫ Actually, my name's Marina ♫

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