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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Are those silhouettes the real judges?

    Just incase they are my immediately thoughts on seeing them, it looks like Rita, Ricky Martin and maybe Robbie.

    I did initially think Christina, but I don't think for a second she'd take part. That image reminds me of her recent photoshoots.
  2. It wouldn't be Leona Lewis would it? Maybe having her and Louis on the panel as a reminder that the X Factor used to produce stars?
  3. 360


    It looks like a teaser for a very bad horror film? Those cheekbones, are frightening. Still excited for the reveal nonetheless!

    Also the female one looks like Rita Ora. So guess that confirms her.
  4. Leona is in Puerto Rico for the next month or two filming a TV show, so it won't be her.
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  5. Didn't they actually use this photo?
  6. It’s Robbie, his wife and Louis Tomlinson?
  7. So it turns out these aren't the silhouettes of the actual judges. So it still might be Ayda.
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  8. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the 4th judge was some random stock photo model at this point.
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  9. Louis Tomlinson on the panel will ensure that I do not watch a single episode of the show this year. Please, no.
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  10. Wasn’t Craig David rumoured at some point?
  11. While speaking to a friend yesterday who works as an A&E nurse, she told me that the staff had been offered free tickets to go watch the auditions and said they were having an NHS day at the auditions. I informed her the tickets are actually always free and the way auditions are organised for Xfactor they most likely would be waiting hours for them to film the auditions and kind of put a dampener on the idea of going

    I looked it up on the applausestore ticket site and not only are they having an NHS day they are having an Forces day for the army too. Have they ever done this before in the auditions? It seems a bit pandering and an attempt to get good pr by giving people free tickets that were always free?

    Also to add auditions are supposed to start this Wednesday but no judges have been announced and they are still trying to fill up the audience for the first day....
  12. Robbie, Ayda and Louis Tomlinson? Jesus H Christ. I mean Ayda isn't even likable on Loose Women, I could ignore her lack of music knowledge let's face it Louis Walsh was a judge but fuck. The barrel has been well and truly scraped.
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  13. This panel is beyond tragic. I hate myself but I'll probably watch every episode anyway. I'm here for the mess ddd
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  14. I think the judges will be revealed tomorrow now that the World Cup is over
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  15. I feel like Robbie's signing is a few years too late. I kind of already know what I think we'll see with him, Stuff like him getting up on the desk to dance, slag off anyone who sings oasis, dance with contestant mum who says she loves him, he feels like someone who will just repeat the cliches we see from other judges in the past

    I'm still peed off that Sara Cox was never given the judges role when she was rumored a few yeas ago
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  16. This rings so true. And sooo dire.
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  17. When do they usually announce the panel officially?
  18. Usually straight after the BGT Final... so they're definitely struggling to get SOMEONE signed up... I don't believe that Ayda is supposed to be an official judge, just Robbie's cover.

    I'm convinced that there is a potential female judge who is -

    A) New to this type of show
    B) A relatively big catch
    C) Having second thoughts
  19. If that is the reason I hope they do get signed on. The thing is Robbie Williams fans are already watching the show, same with Louis Tomlinson fans. ddd

    If they got someone that was both relevant and who would bring a new audience then it could potentially breathe new life into the show. Although, this is the X factor so their idea of relevant would be signing Kelly Osbourne or something.
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