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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Speaking of that mess, one of them won America's "The Four" this year. Strange but true.
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  2. This is so bizarre
  3. I always thought he was a great singer and should have went forward as a soloist on the show, glad he did well on The Four.

  4. Just because
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  5. Sorry if this has been discussed already but seriously how does a "hot seat" or whatever it's called during the 6 chair challenge make this shambles any better? So a contestant is safe and can't be swapped out if they get this golden buzzer? Well surely they'd never get swapped out if they were good anyway. Adding "drama". Mess.
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  6. Maybe they're trying to make it more 'feel good' like the prize fight thing last year over the sing off. I don't think it will work but they probably think "oh, bgt is popular we should make this more like that".
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  7. Ugh can we not bin the 6 Chair Challenge already?
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  8. I wonder if we’ll get a Robbie tribute act who wants to move away from being a Robbie tribute act only to sing a Robbie song at his audition. Like the Pink and Bono ones.
  9. I imagine we're going to see a lot of Robbie Williams and Take That tributes, and maybe even a few boybands with a whiff of One Direction about them.

    Bring back Souli Roots and her recession bop.

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  11. Bring back the rest of her eyebrows.
  12. From the magical lineups of Cheryl-Dannii-Louis-Simon, Gary-Kelly-Louis-Tulisa and Simon-Sharon-Louis to this is just tragic on all levels.
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  13. Gary-Kelly-Louis-Tulisa was a fantastic year. Or ''The Year of Goldie Cheung'', as I like to remember it.
  14. I love how Kelly showed up and was part of the highest viewed auditions ever, created Little Mix, gave us "who knew you could do uptempo ahh", called in sick for a live show, promoted her album and then left before the ratings plummeted. Only a queen.
  15. Kelly's judging on the UK series was a little lacking (outside of a few iconic moments) but if she had come back for a second year, her time on XFUS showed that she could be a fantastic judge.
  16. It's hard to believe that this is back in a few weeks and there is absolutely no buzz whatsoever.
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  17. [​IMG]
  18. What's to be excited about? The least talented member of One Direction, Robbie Williams (who I LOVE, but we've already had Gary Barlow, so another Take That judge just isn't as exciting), and then... his wife.
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  19. My husband said they should have poached Jane McDonald from C5 to be the matriarch judge figure. Now that would have been worth tuning in for!
  20. But they already have a warm and loving matriarch attached to the show
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