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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Deleted member 312, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Might watch this year after taking a break from it last year.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. They brought back Popstars in Germany in 2015 and nobody watched. The single failed to make the Top 100. They couldn't even be bothered to make a proper video:

    We still have Pop Idol, though (final tonight!).
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  4. I was thinking of ways to keep Saara relevant in the UK so how about an X Factor All Stars season this year, instead of a regular season. Do you think that would work? I haven't watched before Gary Barlow so my line-up would be this:
    Saara Aalto
    Amelia Lily
    Misha B
    Nicholas McDonald
    Sam Callahan
    Tamera Foster
    Andrea Faustini
    Marcus Collins
    5 AM
    Matt Linnen
    Jahmene Douglas
    4th Impact
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  5. They will only do an X-Factor Allstars when ITV decide to pull the plug on it.
  6. This line is highkey brilliant.

    For the panel, Tulisa is literally doing nothing. Get her alongside Rita or Mel B, and a fresh face (maybe a songwriter? Someone from radio that has a personality is not Grimmy? Clara Amfo?)
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  7. Shoudlnt they be recording auditions by this time? like in previous years don't they start since March? haven't followed since last time Cheryl was a judge.
  8. No - traditionally they start the filmed auditions the week after the Britain's Got Talent final - basically, so that Simon can do a block of UK work without jetting back and forth to the USA.

    That will be early June this year, I believe.

    Completely expect that the panel will remain the same, just with Alesha replacing Nicole (to save money!)
  9. ohh.. might be confused with when they usually announce judges. Yikes @ the same panel. That's one of the reasons I stopped watching with the Louise, Sharon and Nicole. Felt too old and dated for me. So you don't think Cheryl will come back?
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  10. I have no idea - instinct says that she wouldn't return unless Louis and Nicole were dumped (unlike most of the trash leaked by SyCo themselves, I do believe that she doesn't get along with either and struggles to be professional with them).

    Instinct also says that SyCo would do that to secure her return (although anyone in this thread can tell you that Adele, Beyonce and Kanye West could be announced and it still wouldn't improve ratings!!!)

    I thought they were committing to a format change last year, though their failure to launch Rak-Su and Grace immediately (despite signing up contestants with albums ready to roll) tells me that they don't have a fucking clue!

    Now they're back to leaking "Nicole is a nightmare, she's out" and "Louis is too old, he's going" stories via newspapers, despitethe fact that no one except a handful of us in this thread gives a shit! Crazy!
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  11. I'm at the stage now that despite having watched every series it will be a blessed relief when they do axe this. See also Big Brother - both just toxic formats beyond repair.
  12. Just dropping in to remind everyone of this iconic performance

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  13. I have a feeling Gloria Estefan could still be in the running because she was in London recently promoting and on the GN Show...

    What about Simon Cowell, Ricky Martin, Alesha Dixon and maybe LeAnn Rimes?

    Honestly Sharon and Louis are both useless on the show and are a reason to turn it off as opposed to tune in.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Simon will keep the same revolving door of judges because no one's exactly lining up to do it anymore.
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  15. So sick of X-Factor. It needs to go away for a while and give us a chance to actually miss it.
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  16. I'd say it just needs to go away. And I've been a fan since the first series!
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  17. I wish all the music shows would go away for a while. So over it. It's time for something new.
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  18. This reminded me that Brandy used to be in the SyCo pool (until the incident where they dropped her) - would she consider returning? Would the UK public in 2018 know who the hell she is?
  19. Sharon and Louis will be back as they have 1 more year on their contracts.

    Nicole will be replaced to 'freshen' it up but at this point it's a show running on fumes. Cancel it already.
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  20. I too imagine that Nicole will be replaced to save money, though as she's practically carried the show for years, she's ironically the least dispensable judge.
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