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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Deleted member 312, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. It just shows how totally clueless that Simon/Syco/ITV are if they think getting rid of Nicole will do a single positive thing for the show.

    She's been the best thing about it literally every single season she's done.
  2. Is it just me who is a little concerned about Tulisa's media resurgence the last week or two?

    I like Tulisa, she was a good judge her first year but I don't think she will do anything for the show.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Tulisa has no chance of returning.
  4. With her Scream n Shout millions, I doubt she needs it.
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  5. Get Greg James on there and I'd watch every week just so I could pretend he's my boyfriend

    Plus, he's really funny.
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  6. Good to know I am not alone in my depraved lust for Greg James!

    He would actually be a good shout for X Factor judge - musical knowledge, funny and not irritating like the last Radio 1 DJ they employed...
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  7. Louis was in the BGT audience last night, such a shame he is apparently coming back.

    I think Greg James is a great suggestion.
  8. Louis and Sharon on the panel in 2018 is ridiculous. I love how they get rid of Nicole to "boost ratings" with those two still stinking the place up.
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  9. Plus he has that voice. It's like melted chocolate mixed with pheromones. I don't mind disclosing that I feel a twinge in my special-love-area every time I hear it.
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  10. Nicole has been the only saving grace for the past few years so ditching her is a big mistake.

    Watching X Factor now is like checking in your ex just to see how he is doing but without any emotions involved.
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  11. I think Melanie Blatt would be a great addition.
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  12. She was fun on X Factor New Zealand.
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  13. Louis has quit. Sharon will also only be appearing as a judge during the live shows, it seems.
  14. Finally. Thank fuck for that.
  15. It's nice of them to let Louis say he's quit when he obviously would never.
  16. Not Louis Tomlinson please not Louis Tomlinson please not Louis Tomlinson please not Louis Tomlinson please not Louis Tomlinson please not Louis Tomlinson please not Louis Tomlinson.
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  17. Maybe they'll Brian Friedman Louis back in somehow.
  18. Sharon only at live shows. Sounds like she is getting the Mel B role from the final season of X Factor AU where she got to pick one from the other three judges categories that they didn’t pick for the live shows.

    I wonder if we will only start with 3 judges and Sharon makes 4. Or if it will be 4 to start and Sharon is a 5th.

    I can see them doing a BGT and putting the live show on across the half term week in October as a different spin.
  19. I imagine Sharon is only back because of the two year contract she and Louis signed, Simon was probably able to convince Louis step down but Sharon probably refused.
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This would be great - if only it weren't Sharon. That must mean Cheryl's coming back.
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