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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Something concrete. A support slot on a tour, a management deal, a sponsorship deal, cash...

    I guess I don't know how you'd make it work either - if you see something or someone you like, you'll want to stream it immediately.

    Perhaps they don't know. Perhaps it's all over.
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  2. 10 years ago since Cheryl, Diana Vickers, Laura White and Alexandra Burke were on X Factor... these were the days.

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  3. Let's not forget JLS (they might have released trash afterwards but they were definitely the best male group the show ever saw) and Ruth Lorenzo.
  4. That really was the best series of the show. Proper talent, brilliant judging panel - everything was so fresh & exciting.
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  5. It is crazy to think the show once peaked at something like 20+ million viewers and even crazier to see how the producers messed it up so quickly.
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  6. I miss the days when the X Factor was actual an event. It was unmissable television. It was utterly brilliant.


    10 years since the single best performance this show has ever seen.
  8. Is the live show format the same as last year...or are we past caring?
  9. I don't think anyone knows yet. I hope to god they have ditched the mind numbing "prize fight". No one cares!
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  10. There will be at least 2 double eliminations perhaps a return. Perhaps they will genuinely shock us? Who cares really?
  11. I just finished watching and I gasped when I saw Athena. I found her a few months ago with this BOP

    I'm glad she went through. The show is still bad though. I think I chose a bad season to start watching the show again.
  12. Oh god I'd forgotten about that! It was so naff and cringey!
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  13. I'd actually repressed that. I can't believe we had to watch people sing as they tried to win holidays for themselves. And that was supposed to endear them to us?
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  14. I can't believe it took me 1.5 weeks to find out that Janice Robinson auditioned for X Factor. FFS. "Dreamer" was a #1 record. There is no reason she should be reduced to this.

    If it was such a "moment" then maybe the X Factor should round up the dance queens of the 90s and 00s and have a night worth of moments. I want Coco singing "Toca's Miracle," I want Tania Evans singing "Mr. Vain," I want AnnaGrace singing "Castles in the Sky," I want Rachel MacFarlane singing "Take Me To The Clouds Above," I want Whigfield singing "Saturday Night." Not like that would be any worse than random twinks from Eurovision...
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  15. ^That would be amazing!!
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  16. Agreed.

    But “X Factor : Random Twinks From Eurovision” would be a good spin off too.
  17. So a judges house spoiler, nothing major just about guest judges at Simon's.

    This stage of the show used to feature one or two stars, but now he’s filling his LA home with 50 guests.

    Among top singers, songwriters and producers is a table with long term partner and mother of his son Eric, Lauren Silverman – plus exes Sinitta and Terri Seymour.

    Cowell, 58, listened to views from each table, especially American Idol judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and host Ryan Seacrest.

    Other guests at Malibu included singers Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, and Babyface, who has 11
  18. I am a bit behind, at ep. 3 and I find it ridiculous that they quickly dismissed the 3 guys who had perfectly fine voices and yet they gave Brandon 4 freaking chances before they let him through and even then his performance was meh, I still can't get over that trainwreck. Also, the carpool scenes with the judges are so annoying, from Robbie/Ayda "we are married" show to Simon gushing about 1D, ugh.
  19. What's with the dumb Queen intro?
  20. I'm watching this crap for some reason.
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