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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Deleted member 312, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Yes, I thought the same. Presumably, Louis’s job on Ireland’s Got Talent is part of this too?
  2. I can’t see them doing anything else really. One judge’s act each night, top two go to the final on Sunday, so 10 in total. It makes sense really, but career longevity is going to be even worse now as there’s only going to be 3 performances to spot potential from.
  3. Booh at them not keeping Nicole. Let's see who they pick for the judges. I have no hopes.
  4. Cheryl as it’s what the 2010 public want. Despite her being unable to make a decision or give a critique without having a minor meltdown.
  5. Howling at Sharon's dragging of Dan Wootton on Twitter.

    There can't be many people in the world who would have me siding with Sharon Osbourne, but that festering dickboil is certainly one of them.
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  6. "Unfortunately my legal advisor informed me that I couldn’t sue someone for being a thirsty bully whose entire life revolves around The X Factor. Kisses..."

    I mean... this drag alone almost makes me forgive how rubbish she has been on the show...

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  7. My new favourite insult.

    I thank you.
  8. The panel is probably Simon, Sharon, Sinitta and Lizzy Cundy.
  9. This would be iconic and you know it!
  10. Robbie Williams is apparently being lined up to replace Louis.
  11. Mel B and Ricky Martin are apparently going to be on the panel too. I can definitely see Mel B coming back, but Ricky Martin would be a bit random.
  12. One look at Robbie's tour schedule shows he has tour dates/festival appearances in South America/Mexico in November two of them on a Saturday, which would pretty much rule him out?

    Also the festival appearances were only announced a little while ago, why would he announce that if he was in talks for X factor?
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  13. All previous judges having one night (Dannii-Kelly-Cheryl - tulisa - Gary) would have been fun
  14. Yay!
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    can people get over Dannii challenge - do that challenge!

    Ricky would be amazing I think.
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  16. Anyone but Mel B. She was horrendous.

    Though I did quite enjoy how much her contestants clearly despised her.
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  17. Well Robbie is speculation at this point but Louis has confirmed he's "quit" the show. I would imagine that means Sharon is gone as well.
  18. Sharon's going to be there during the live shows as a judge.
  19. Is this show still popular? We have a few entertainment shows still in America but honestly nothing really happens for the contestants anymore.
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  20. No.
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