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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. The groups are tragic.

    The girls category is great though, huge potential spotted. I like everyone a lot but I feel sad for Georgia.
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  2. Shan really has the whole package and she also seems to have such a nice and sincere personality. I can see her winning this!
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  3. I am slowly watching this. Its not as bad as it was the first few episodes but its still just so bland. What the hell was happened to Simon, he gives yes so easily. And whaaat, Tomlinson auditioned 3 times for X Factor? Makes me wonder how worse was he the first two times because he was abysmal the day he actually went through.
  4. 360


    Misunderstood have real talent, and I could see them winning. Their original song was dope. Still tuning in, because I can't seem to tune out, after religiously watching for so many years. The talent is weaker this year, undoubtedly, but there's still a glimmer of magic in the show, even if it might be slowly fading away.
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  5. How is this going in the ratings
  6. Was the year Sam Bailey won the last year the X factor had any dent on the charts and ratings around this time...?
  7. Last year (Rak-Su and Grace) had a certain buzz - if all of their originals were available for studio-quality streaming at the time each would have smashed.

    Alas, SyCo remain convinced that people want last year's hits so they'll no doubt be releasing originals from 2017 as their 2018 flop singles in a few weeks' time after a performance slot on a show even fewer of their intended fans watch.

    In terms of an actual chart/ratings presence - Fleur East and Sax???
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    Yeah this is the prevalent issue with the show. Artists like Rak-Su and Grace were positioned as the Second Coming of Christ whilst the show was airing - and then they just go dead for eons of time until a year later when people are just no longer interested (see what happened to Matt, Louisa etc.). Rak-Su's stuff was going to the top of the iTunes charts when they were just X-Factor recordings and not even real releases. The time to strike was literally then and not a moment later and yet Syco lets them fade out of memory for all this time, people stop caring, and then they're surprised when they inevitably flop?

    Rak-Su were the winners so we will see them again soon this year, but this archaic and dated X-Factor release strategy stopped working years ago, and Syco don't seem to have caught up.

    That said I hope I'm super wrong here and Rak-Su do well. Genuinely thought they were great last year.
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  9. How many backing vocals on that Soul II Soul karaoke?
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  10. Imagine David Walliams giving you career advice.
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  11. Robbie’s sunglasses are making me irrationally angry.
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  12. 5T

    (Five Twinks)
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  13. This new Milli Vanilli with their tapes actually have a BOP!
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  14. The judges' house at Simon's was just so awkward and weird. Georgia should've gone through over the 16 year-old.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    The floppage of this thread is so...satisfying.
  16. I’ve not really been watching this series but caught it last night and the two young girls that Robbie took through were AMAZING. I did think they were too young but when they started I was like wow.
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  17. I've hated this year's series throughout auditions and six chair but, oddly, the contestants seem to have upped their game at judges' houses, and the judges have - so far - made sensible choices for lives, so I'm almost back on board.
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  18. K94


    A Star are iconic but they don't stand a chance with this basic, problematic ass British public
  19. Never let it be said that PJ doesn't have its finger on the pulse of our time.
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