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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Deleted member 312, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Particularly because he has been a coach on two editions of The Voice (Australia and Mexico) and I didn't think X Factor/Simon would enjoy overlapping panelists between them (except for FIRO of course)...
  2. Most of the UK won't know that and Simon doesn't mind poaching talent, as you said Rita and also Alesha.
  3. The rumour of Robbie Williams and Ayda Field joining the panel is pretty great.

    Especially as the source lists her music industry credentials as "actress married to a pop star".

    If they wanted a married couple to be on the panel Marvin and Rochelle would be a lot cheaper and at least they both have experience.

    Or they could bring in Cheryl and Liam to get a little tabloid buzz about their relationship, I'm sure people would be interested in their interactions.
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  4. Robbie Simon
    dannii MEL B would be a fun panel .

    The Sharon coming bavk for the live show is random . Maybe
    Simon will finally let Sinitta be a judge ha
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    ffffff why does this give me Natalia Kills and Willy Moon teas
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Why bring Robbie's wife into this?
  7. I feel like ITV have been trying to make them a thing for years so that's not a surprise.
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  8. Is Ayda famous for anything other than being married to Robbie? The husband and wife setup really only works when their fame is on a similar level, e.g. Marvin and Rochelle (or even Willy and Natalia, since most people wouldn't have a fucking clue who either of them were). Otherwise the dynamic is all wrong.

    If they wanted a married couple that badly, why didn't they just ask Ozzy? He's not doing much else.
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Keep them on Loose Women but don't bring it on X Factor. There's no reason for her to be a judge. Katie Price makes more sense as a judge than she does.
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  10. I feel like the people who would watch the show for Robbie are already watching

    Its funny if you look up her loose women appearances on YouTube each video is her telling a story about Robbie
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  11. Here for this. Isn't Simon friendly with her anyway? She'd be iconic.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    wasn't she a model? A Heidi Klum chai.
  13. Katie Price isn't really a thing anymore.

    At this point, they need a judge that will restore relevance to the show. Not the other way round.
  14. If they want the wife of a popstar/rockstar they should have Angie Bowie as a judge. I'd be so here for her antics with Simon "I WANNA LEAVE NOW! IF YOU WANNA BE CHEAP USE UBER!" only to return half an hour later with her hair done.
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  15. Why did I read this as Angie Bolen? Now THAT, I would tune in for.

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  16. We'll end up with Jess Glynne, Jessie J and it's what the show deserves

    Despite being a pop injustice, that would low-key be watchable TV - especially if they dump Jess Glynne and get Grace from Clean Bandit...
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  17. I want to see a full delusional panel of Jessie J, Rita, Bebe Rexha and Nikki Blonsky.
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  18. What is the point of having him then?
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  19. If Robbie is in, and his pointless wife is in, it’s obvious he made an agreement if only his wife or whatever is a part of the show .

    Personally I don’t know if Robbie would do X Factor . I just don’t see it
  20. I can't see his wife sitting on the panel – or ITV agreeing to that – but definitely as a sort of 'creative advisor' that appears in the behind the scenes clips.
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