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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. I feel they've done poorly by her. Bad song choices, and they can't decide what kind of artist she should be, and I don't think she has much idea either, so they should've been working with her to figure it out.
  2. That's not what the X-Factor is about though and never has really been. You really need to go into the show knowing exactly who you are otherwise they will just use you to fill the numbers.
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  3. They could have also named tonight's show "The Greatest Showman" tribute.

    Danny singing "My Heart Will Go On" was the most obvious choice ever. But not a good one.
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  4. Didn't realise that Survivor had been remixed for the Tomb Raider film but love that Acacia & Aaliyah are doing a song from Tomb Raider (even if I haven't seen the film and doubt I will!)
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  5. 3 Songs from The Greatest Showman... okay then. The others bar 2. So 5/10 are all just so typical X Factor it hurts.
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  6. I forgot this was even on tonight, haha.
  7. Any word on who’s standing in for Robbie tonight? Or is it still Nile Rodgers?
  8. Still Nile Rodgers until Robbie's back next weekend.
  9. I think Dalton is one of my favourites this year (not that there's much choice!) He always delivers perfect vocals.
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  10. Has Louis come as Cedric Diggory?
  11. I feel like Shan is struggling with the lyrics a little bit? It feels like the performance is overpowering her.
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  12. Not to come over all Louis Walsh, but the song was too big for her. She definitely messed up in a couple of places.
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  13. Well she was supposed to sing something different and this was a last minute change so I guess it kind of threw her off...
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  14. I will watch the show later today but damn Scarlett... That was an epic vocal Performance.
  15. Caught a bit of this last night and where is Robbie?

    My fave is Misunderstood, I loved their performance last night and was so confused to hear negative comments from the judges??? Also I love Acacia & Aaliyah but something fell off with the mic/music.
  16. I'm afraid for Acacia & Aaliyah tonight, such a shame as they are definitely the best act on the show. Misunderstood are great too but last night wasn't their best and I think they definitely work better with their original songs.
  17. On tour over in South America.
  18. Dalton, Shan, Acacia and Aaliyah and Misunderstood are all great. All the others are middling-to-shit.
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  19. Always thought Robbie’s career didn’t stretch beyond UK/some of Europe.
  20. 1. Scarlett
    2. Shan
    3. Brendan
    4. Bella
    5. Dalton
    6. Anthony
    7. Misunderstood
    8. Acacia & Aliyah
    9. Danny
    10. Gio

    Bottom3 should be the Overs and one of the groups.
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