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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by bichard, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Rak-Su aren't even with Syco anymore, they are at RCA alongside Little Mix.
  2. Wait, what? Since when?

    Grace is still under SyCo do.
  3. Since the whole thing went down with Modest, Syco cut ties with them completely meaning Little Mix and Rak-Su had to change labels.
  4. Rak-Su too? I knew about Little Mix.

    Well okay... Let's see what they are doing with them.
  5. 360


    Yeah I knew about the shift from Syco to RCA, which seems to be where all X Factor artists seem to go, like a new label heaven, all the way back to Diana Vickers. Didn't mention it because Syco were handling everything with Rak-Su up until almost this point because the label shift is very recent (late November?). So we won't see the effect of the new label for a while yet. Everything that happened with Rak-Su was governed by Syco until this point, so given Rak-Su flopped as hard as they did I don't think a new label is going to be able to wave a magic wand. Rak-Su's re-emergence single hit #39. Seems beyond savable.

    It's fascinating that they'd willingly give up Little Mix, given they're X Factor superstars and possibly the most successful and most enduring X Factor act to come out of the show of all-time. Wonder what happened?
  6. I don't think it's fair to write Rak-Su off because the song peaked at #39. Charts operate differently now and labels need to adjust their expectations to that.
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  7. Rat-Soup's Coke advert makes me want to die.
  8. 360


    Yeah, very good point. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see them succeed. I just meant that early signs are not promising, and not as promising as they could have been had Rak-Su been immediately rocketed in to the stratosphere when they were at their peak of popularity whilst the X Factor was on, which is ultimately what Syco should have done. I'd love for them to do well, and exceptionally so, because they're great.

    Maybe they can use some of that songwriting magic they have and rebound with a second single?
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  9. Even if Rak-Su didn't have the material for an album, they could've pulled a Clean Bandit/Rita Ora and peppered singles throughout 2018, releasing the album in Q4 as usual. Tis a shame that they seem to have gone off the grid a bit...
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  10. Simon Cowell came out swinging, claiming that Modest Management were unprofessional (quite why that would lead to SyCo willingly letting go of their only cash-cow is ?????) and that he needed to remove "toxic individuals" from his business plans.

    On the other hand, PopBitch explicitly said it was because Modest Management are handling the Spice Girls comeback, have partnered with Simon Fuller to do so and the old Pop Idol vs X-Factor (who stole ideas from who - answer, Cowell obviously tanked Pop Idol to replicate the format and take all the money!) feud between Cowell and Fuller is still a "thing". Cowell gave an ultimatum (back out of this project or I'll drop you and your artists from the label) and Modest Management seemingly LEAPED at the chance to sever ties and move their roster to RCA!

    Leaving Mr Cowell with the remnants of a label and practically no acts to promote!
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  11. It's what she (Simon) deserves!
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  12. 360


    Thanks so much for the insight, appreciate it and had no idea! You're awesome! <3
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  13. K94


    Imagine thinking leaving Syco, for another label, is a punishment.
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  14. So Dalton debuted at 4 in the Charts.

    Not to bad all things considered.
  15. Lots of rumours flying around that The X Factor has been cancelled. Taking it with a pinch of salt for now but imagine...
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  16. Is it bad the first thing I felt was relief?
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  17. They still posted pics from auditions on instagram last week. So I'm not sure about that.
  18. Rob


  19. The Sun's reported on it now.

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