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The X Factor 2018

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Deleted member 312, Jan 13, 2018.

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    Wow, and also from that article:

    "Cowell described this overhaul to The X Factor as the first phase of a "a four-year plan", teasing that the format would change again in 2020."

    X Factor's going to return like Jesus and we're all just going to have to deal with it.
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  2. Can Simon Cowell just retire already...
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  3. This is Tamera Fosters time to shine.
  4. If anyone else is watching America’s Got Talent: The Champions then you’ll probably agree with me that this could really be amazing.

    What we should get is Leona, Alexandra, Fleur, Cher Lloyd, Diana Vickers competing against some easy losers (all the contestants from Sam Bailey onwards).

    It should be rigged to make sure the best of the best make the final (on AGT the golden buzzer ensured Susan Boyle made the final but even the audience vote seems a bit dodgy to me).

    But this is X-Factor...
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  5. This actually sounds pretty fantatsic.
  6. If they do make it worldwide I'd be interested to see who from other X Factor do it.

    I'd guess Samantha Jade is a given as she's still signed to Sony.
  7. I'm just hoping AllStars has an AllStars Judging Panel - althought it looks unlikely from what I've been reading... I just don't want to see Robbie, Ayda and Lewis

    Bring back, Dannii , Cheryl and ummm…. Nicki Chapman (Pop Idol)
  8. Yeah these ideas are definitely more appealing than another normal series, however, not if its a judging panel of Simon/Louis/Robbie/Ayda.

    Also, if they are doing an all stars BGT from worldwide series... isn't that basically what just happened in America?
  9. Yeah but with AGT Champions the Majority of them have been American, with the odd international contestant in my opinion.. so I guess in the UK it would be majority British, with the odd international.
  10. I'd much rather have Louis Walsh back than Tomlinson.
  11. It's a tough call. They're both useless cunts.
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  12. Could do without the celebrity version but All Stars has a lot of potential - if they get it right, I would switch back on in a heart beat.

    Although most of my faves from Girls & Boys from years gone by will now be Overs...
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    I guess we have to remember that the general public (Sandra and Bill) won't know squat about the American champions so they'll probably just use the same acts over here.
    I'd be all for an XFactor champions series with Leona, Alexandra, Same Difference, The Vickers, Leon Jackson, Ruth Lorenzo to name but a few.
  14. I’m actually here for both series (on paper). Please don’t fuck it up, ITV.

    But will they bring back Sada Vidoo?
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  15. Bring back Melanie McCabe for all stars.
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  17. My dream all-stars

    Leona Lewis
    Alexandra Burke
    Shayne Ward
    Sam Bailey
    Stacey Solomon
    Saara Alto
    Lucie Jones
    Fleur East
    Austin Drage
    Honey G
    Ella Henderson
    Amelia Lily
    Sean Miley Moore
    Same Difference

    I wouldn’t include those that are still doing well on the charts like Olly, Little Mix, James, 1D lot etc.

    My all star panel would be Loui, Dannii, Nicole and Simon
  18. If it’s an international All Stars I can’t think of any from X Factor US contestant I’d like to see. Any come to mind to you guys?
  19. Carlie Rose Sonenclar?
    Melanie Amaro?

    As Alex & Sierra don't exist anymore, they are certainly out.
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