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The X Factor 2021

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. It's already possible to apply for auditions too. Deadline isn't until June 25th.

    Well I for one am happy it's coming back. It's a shame they've been struggling to launch successful new acts of late but I still enjoy the show. And the last regular series still managed 6-7 million on a good night so it's obviously still profitable for ITV.
  2. They need to give this show to god already.
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  3. Didn’t they already sell it to the devil?
  4. Quarantine it.
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  5. So no more Syco?
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  6. I don't know why this has gone viral today, as it was announced about 6 weeks back. Simon has bought out Sony's 50% stake in Syco TV, whereas Sony will either transfer their music acts to other Sony labels, or in Tokio's case, let them go.

    Louis Tomlinson fans seem to think they've just gone bust, and it's karma for dropping him or something.
  7. We all know it's really karma for the way they treated Alexandra Burke.
  8. The show died when Dannii and Cheryl were stuffed about. Retire the show for a few years I say, and just give it break. Simon was an idiot for stuffing the Dannii/Cheryl/ Louis/ Simon panel when it was perfect.
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  9. Simon, Cheryl, Dannii and Louis or stuff it.
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  10. No one really cares about Cheryl or Danni that much in 2020 to be honest . Louis was getting pretty annoying and tiresome also. I do agree Simon needs to rest the show for a few years though and maybe come back with a fresh new panel !
  11. Asif this is still on TV
  12. A panel of Kelly, Nicole, Sharon and Tulisa just for the kiis and gifs.
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  13. Dermot was on Sunday Brunch earlier saying the earliest it *could* be back would be 2022.
  14. If they bring it back they will want it be the spectacle it was at its peak. And they won't be able to do that in 2021.

    Another year off will help the brand really. I can't say it's felt missing this year.
  15. I honestly don’t think anytime away could revive this shit ddd
  16. Whether it'll ever successfully launch an artist into the real world again is questionable, but that doesn't mean it's dead as a TV show. It fell quite a way from its cerca 2010 peak but like I said before, it was still managing 6-7 million viewers on a good night even in its last regular series in 2018.

    I think the break will do it good.
  17. In ratings terms, this would bring back maybe a dozen people.

    Simon and Louis' shtick is beyond tired and probably not an insignificant factor in the show's decline in the first place, Cheryl isn't the big draw she once was (check The Greatest Dancer's ratings or the performance of her last couple of singles for details) and as for Dannii, she seems too settled back in Australia to even want to do it.
  18. I would question whether reviving any past panels would work at this point, though somehow reminding the audience of the glory days of X Factor would be helpful. I'd be up for the panel being 4 past contestants. My choice for that scenario would be: Leona Lewis, Fleur East, James Arthur, Niall Horan (as all four would potentially be up for it and have achieved a level of success after the show).
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